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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Halloween II is fine, but I think in retrospect after so many sequels it just feels like they went the safest route possible. I personally liked the idea of a sequel with Laurie living in a sky rise, which would've opened them up to new things, but in the end a safe sequel is probably why they were able to make the series last as long as it did.
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  2. I'd have been fine if Laurie wasn't in Halloween II and her story ended in part 1. Then we had Alice as our new final girl. Oh well.


    I think the brother / sister concept tied them down too much in a sense and as someone mentioned before, it was odd Laurie never found out (just some random flashback to her being told she was adopted).
  3. Laurie’s mother in that flashback was quite harsh. You literally adopted this child years ago and now you're screaming at her that you're not her mother whilst you’re pinning the washing out. Girl, take it easy, you’re giving mixed message here.
  4. Vers Top for sure
  5. Michael can’t host, will leave you on read, borrows money and doesn’t pay it back, will give you an STI… but wow, what a dick.
  6. Halloween II is fine but could have been better. I watched a video about the franchise a few weeks ago and it mentioned another director's idea for the sequel being Laurie being stalked in college by Michael years later, and I kind of think that sounds like a better concept.
  7. So...
    Final Exam
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  8. I haven’t seen it so I wouldn’t know but I’m guessing by the title yes dd.
  9. Michael finds Lindsey in "Halloween Kills" clip:

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  10. As a 12-year-old watching Halloween 4 in cinemas, I assumed that Jimmy was Jamie's dad because I had seen the television cut of Halloween II a few years before and assumed that Laurie and Jimmy got married after surviving the hospital massacre.
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  11. Sassy!
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  12. Was in my video store today and, damn, those new 4K Halloween sets look GORGEOUS. Nice sturdy sets.
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  13. People in the comments saying queen Kyle's performance is bad. I know those are all Vanderpump's dummy accounts.

  14. II is awesome for 15 minutes, then boring as fuck for an hour, then awesome again for 15 minutes.
  15. Oh well. I think it's really enjoyable.
  16. Not these "clips" being released spoiling the kills....
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  17. I just came in to warn about this!

    Don’t watch the “Laurie finds out Michael is still alive” clip whatever you do.
  18. Like a real sister?
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  19. 4 <3
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