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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Jamie’s mommy is a mummy.
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  2. Glad you warned us! I just muted the hashtags on Twitter. I’m not going to look at anything else Halloween related other than this thread, which is good with spoiler tags. We’re *so* close!
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  4. Yeah, I don't get why people 'like' spoilers. I'd rather go into something completely oblivious to be honest. I think it's fine reading article or interviews etc. but once you get so close to the movie actually coming out there's always going to be things that leak and people wanting to spoil it for others so I just try and avoid at all costs.
  5. She’s finally fresh!


  6. I’m going to the press screening on Monday and I’m so perched. Can’t wait.

    Wish the trailer wasn’t so loaded though - I’m not even considering watching the clips being released.
  7. How exciting! Make sure you feed the children the second its over and tell us how it is.
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  8. I’d never seen this before (from 2012) but I love her honesty

  9. II on Blu Ray was all kinds of amazing. I've never seen the film look so clear, it's always been fuzzy and underlit.
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  10. I remember watching 78 in high def for the first time, and I was seeing Michael in places I'd never seen the fifty or so times I'd watched the film before.
  11. Can’t make it to the screening tonight after a week on truly buzzing with excitement. To say I’m deflated would be an understatement.
  12. I had not ventured in here but I saw it Thursday virtually thanks to a friend and his press access.

    Thoughts without being too spoilery:

    It is bloody and relentless. The two hour runtime flies by like Usain Bolt. Where the 2018 film is really a rumination on Laurie’s decades long trauma, she is sidelined for the bulk of the film due to injuries sustained in that film and this allows the townspeople who have been terrorized by Michael to rise up and enact their revenge.

    There’s a great conversation from this film to be had about how quickly we rise to the mob mentality and how we inevitably become the monster ourself.

    Bring Kleenex, I cried at the ending. I knew it was coming from early on and it still hurt like a ton of bricks when it came time.

  13. (Reminder) Three years ago before the reboot premiered. Such an angel.

    Seeing on opening night and can’t wait.
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  14. Uno


    I know I'm going to sob when they inevitably kill off Judy Greer.
  15. wow she’s fabulous
  16. I have avoided all trailers but am seeing Scream in theaters tonight for its 25th anniversary, not sure how I'll avoid a Halloween Kills trailer in the actual theater!
  17. Uno


    They didn't show any trailers at all when I watched it in theaters yesterday. Only did a "making of Scream" tidbit beforehand, so you should be fine.
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  18. I cannot believe we are finally getting this on Friday.
  19. I absolutely love how protective and loving Jamie Lee Curtis is to her on set daughter and granddaughter.
    I wish to know her in real life...
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