The Halloween Franchise

I’m halfway through and I’m enjoying it so far but I sort of checked my expectations after some of these reviews and peeps on the socials posting about it. The flashbacks have been great!
The way I got a VPN and signed up to Peacock, only to be taken out at the final step because they won't accept my Paypal for a Premium subscription...

This is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a long time. I had my problems with the 2018 movie but it looks like a masterpiece next to this. What anchors it most is a truly wretched screenplay. George Lucas could write better dialogue.
I actually loved it.

I understand critics coming for it from a lack of story but what were people expecting from a Halloween movie? Chaotic in the best way for me.
Hey ladies… did you know that, uh,

evil dies tonight!

I'm playing this drinking game for the next watch! Guess I'm dead. Nice knowing all you iconic bitches. Really though the dialogue was atrocious and I'm not asking for Citizen Kane or something. The amount of exposition was insulting. So many characters felt underused. Having said that with my expectations in check I think I will like it more next time. Right now:

Halloween 78> Halloween 2018> H20 >Halloween II> Halloween 4> Curse> Kills> 5> RZ's H2> RZ's Halloween> Resurrection
I would’ve given it a higher rating if it were a Friday the 13th film. Great kills but they totally throw out any character building that they did such a great job on in the first one.
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