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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Spoilers abound so don't watch if you haven't seen the film, but David Gordon Green gives a tiny tidbit about Halloween Ends:

    There's gonna be a 4 year time jump between Kills and Ends apparently.
  2. Can someone spill any deets on the differences between script and film?

  3. It's mostly the ending

    At the end when Karen is being killed Laurie calls her cell from the hospital. After he's done killing her he picks up the phone, breathing like in the original. Laurie breaks down knowing whats happened and then tells him "I'm coming for you Michael." Hangs up and then walks out of the hospital with the knife like in the trailers. The camera pans down on the knife and freeze frames like at the end of 2018. This apparently went over very well with test audiences so I'm not sure why they cut it.
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  4. I’d have been much happier with that.
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  5. I love the Halloween franchise so lots of this worked for me, but I have a list of problems that I won’t bore anyone with.

    That doesn’t stop me being excited and hopeful for Halloween Ends though.

    Halloween H20 is still my favourite sequel, by a mile.
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  6. The only thing I can think of is maybe it was a bit goofy seeing Michael hold up a cell phone. Still it would have been a great callback and so devastating for Laurie.
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  7. Yeh! Also I read that he changed his mind once the third film was officially confirmed, so I guess with the next one having a 4 year time lapse, it would’ve been uneventful for Laurie to confront Michael in the beginning.
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  8. What will Michael even do for 4 years? Just hang out and eat dogs?
  9. The problem with this film is that it’s cruel. I know that’s weird to say about a horror film, but some of the deaths are so brutal and over the top that it ventures into the torture porn genre of Saw and Hostel.

    In my opinion, these films should be tense and scary but never cruel and gross.

    I also have a funny feeling that
    Karen isn’t dead. I know we saw her at the end on the floor but her death wasn’t definitive. At least, that’s what I’m hoping.
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  10. Having only ever seen the original, I thought the 2018 movie was a worthy sequel and a great showcase for Jamie Lee's talents.

    This, on the other hand, was total dogshit.
  11. I'm not seeing it until Friday so the wait is killing me. My sister saw it and said she was on the edge of her seat the whole time and that it was "really brutal". Perched and fearful.
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  12. This definitely sounds a lot better, but apparently they changed it because

    with Laurie walking out going hunting for Michael, they thought that audiences would assume that the third film would once again take place on the same night, and then find it jarring when Ends picks up 4 years later.
  13. DGG said that the original ending IS cannon, but wasn’t included in the theatrical version (which he called the “director’s cut”) because he felt confident in where the next film is going. But it will be included on the blu-ray as an extended cut of the movie. I’m satisfied with how it ended, but I’m interested to see the extended cut because…

    JLC is always at her best when she’s telling Michael off or going after him (I always go back to that scene in H20 where she screams his name and the theme starts playing).

    And this feels more personal for the character of Laurie than ever before... so I’m pumped to see it!
  14. BTG


    I’ll post more in depth thoughts later but for me, this recent decision to have Ends take place in 2022 actually makes me more unforgiving of Kills’ flaws. This isn’t a great movie by any means but I think I could accept it more as the messy middle movie if Ends also took place on the same night?

    As it is, Michael is going to… go away for 4 years and we’ll have another movie where no one believes he’s back until the second act.

    It also makes this movie’s plot pointless? Other than the final scene, nothing or no one has moved on in terms of narrative. At least if it was heading towards a big climax and Ends picked up minutes later, you could say it heightened the tension.
  15. I introduced my housemate to Halloween '78 and '18 so we could see this together on opening night and he was really impressed. Unfortunately, he was baffled by Halloween Kills and didn't find it suspenseful at all.

    I had a lot of fun despite the glaring flaws. A good chunk of the dialogue made me wince and I don't expect great dialogue from this franchise. I was prepared for the suspense element to be diluted as the result of the story widening in scope, but I was pleasantly surprised by how riveting some of the sequences were.

    Kyle Richards and her pillowcase of bricks are my MVPs and I'm so happy she survived.

    Poor Marion, her "This is for Dr. Loomis" moment flopped horribly and we didn't even get to see her chain smoke!

    The nurse shooting herself in the head fff

    Karen's death felt cheap and rushed.

    If nothing else, it does a good job of capturing the mood of a town in peril. It's just a shame I wasn't really invested in many of the characters individually.
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  16. Edu


    It was... fun, I guess? But I still can't believe that Miss Kyle Richards Umansky, of "The Dinner Party From Hell" and "Game Night Gone Wild!" fame, had the best scene in this movie. The tension! The acting! The skills to survive! Stealing Judy Greer's thunder! I'm in shock.
  17. What the fuck is Michael Myers gonna do for 4 years? He's a personification of evil that spent the best part of 40 years in a psychiatric hospital just standing around until he had a chance to escape, he's not exactly gonna hamper down in a bunker or a Starbucks is he?
    Honestly, I wouldn't have minded this, we haven't had a proper 'day/weekend from hell' saga since Friday the 13th Parts 2, 3 and 4 happening in the space of 3 days nn
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  18. Double post, but I'm obsessed with how Kyle Richards has become the near-universal runaway star of the film. Snatch that acclaim sis!
  19. Have they ever explained as to how or why Michael is just super fucking human? Bullets, bats, knives to the neck…. how will this motherfucker ever die?
  20. I rewatched Halloween 2018 yesterday, prior to seeing Halloween Kills tonight, and with each additional watch I realise just how ‘clunky’ the whole movie is, yikes. The script is the most problematic part - some of the dialogue is really cringe, certain scenes feel rushed or just lazily written and a few of the characters are simply ‘there’ with little about them that’s interesting (Karen is dire, let’s face it, as is her husband, Ray - no one in the movie seems to give two shits when he dies, ha). The screenplay really should have had another re-write before they went ahead and shot the movie. I still feel the ‘traumatised’ Laurie we saw in H20 felt more authentic than the one in this new timeline too. I understand more her being traumatised after the evens of both Halloween AND Halloween II, less so after just Halloween (which the 2018 movie directly follows on from). The real problem stems from the fact that when you remove the sibling aspect of the story there’s no real reason for Michael to come after Laurie 40 years later and no real reason for Laurie to assume he would or to go to the extreme measures she did in preparation for it. But, hey, it’s a slasher and it’s a Halloween movie and rarely are these things perfect.

    I loved Halloween 2018 at the time of release but I think, in hindsight, I was probably just hyped for another slasher movie and a continuation of the franchise.

    Onto Halloween Kills then:

    Midway through, I guess during the overly long scene when the crowds are chasing the wrong person in the hospital, I felt a little bored. The Tommy Doyle character was annoying me up to this point and felt very one dimensional with his “evil dies tonight” chanting and scowling in every scene. It was disappointing as the first 20-30 minutes were really great. Thankfully, once that scene played out I felt like things picked up again and I absolutely loved the finale. Even Tommy seemed to get a little more interesting towards the end. I enjoyed Lindsay in this too and it will be interesting to see where she is in part 3.

    Ironically, Karen became one of my favourites in this movie and I loved the way she fought back against Michael. I was actually thinking how I was excited to see her character develop in the next movie just as she croaked it. Damn. (Though I wonder if she’ll still be alive?)

    Allyson in this fell a bit flat. She had her moments - mostly towards the end but the scenes before that she was just... watchable and I wasn’t all that excited by her presence. They never really established the father/daughter relationship in the first movie so it was hard to really route for her ‘revenge motive ‘ for the death of her father in this one.

    So, I suppose it’s still too fresh and I’d need to watch it a few more times but I do think it’s a stronger movie than Halloween 2018. We had less forced humour and better kills and it was definitely darker. Some of the dialogue is still clunky and some characters lack depth but it was a good movie and I’m glad I got to see it in the cinema.

    Oh, and the flashback scenes were done so well!
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