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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Anyone else die of laughter when
    Michael kicked the car door into Vanessa’s arm and the reaction caused her to shoot herself in the face?

    I couldn’t stop laughing at the ridiculousness of that kill.
  2. Honestly, I think it might've been a bigger serve if they had killed off Allyson instead of Karen. It seems almost obvious that they're aiming for her to be the big Final Girl (although I don't know how willing they are to kill off Laurie again), but it would've been a nicer subversion if the youngest, fittest one everyone's clearly expecting to survive is the first Strode family member to croak it. It could've set up great tension between Laurie and Karen for them to unite in the finale of Halloween Ends (and have Lindsey join in for the fun of it) and truly kick Michael's ass.
  3. Karen isn't dead. The third movie opens up with Michael pottering off to find more victims, Karen gets up and gives an iconic ''gotcha'' for the third movie in a row, and then it jumps forward 4 years to The Three Strodes on a hunting mission.
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  4. Edu


    Wait so Kyle actually broke her nose with that bag of bricks and not falling flat on her face like I thought? DDDD
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  5. Not Laurie spending most of the film lying in a hospital bed. Again.

    I went into this with low expectations (I wasn't a huge fan of the 2018 film but can appreciate it for what it is) and actually enjoyed it for the most part.

    The 1978 stuff was SO well done. It actually felt and looked like the original film (even though that was clearly NOT Loomis). I loved all the returning characters and actors from the original. I'd avoided trailers etc so I had no idea about all the returning actors. Marion was done dirty though. Her H20 appearance was miles better.

    The biggest negative for me (and this probably goes for the 2018 Halloween film too) is that I just can't fully get on board with the whole alternative timeline/universe thing. I grew up loving the original and H20 so it's hard to just erase 7+ sequels and the fact that Laurie is Michael's brother and pretend that none of that happened.
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  6. To be fair, I kind of disagree, because I think the deaths serve a purpose of showing how brutal Michael is. But they did cross the line in this one with the close-up on the other patient's body after his fall. That didn't accomplish anything or add anything, it really was just there for gross-out and it should have been cut.
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  7. I love that Michael has short hair. Like for 40 years he's sat quietly in a chair for an hour once a month while someone takes the clippers to his head. His fingernails are short—does he nervously bite them in his cell, or does he sit and let someone cut them? Does he shower? Imagine being the doctor tasked with giving Michael Myers a routine prostrate exam, I—
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  8. So I saw it. I did enjoy it and it had some really great moments. I genuinely jumped at the end, I was quite shocked actually. I was actually really impressed with Kyle and found that whole sequence to be quite tense and really well done. The flashbacks were excellent as well.

    That said, it was utterly ridiculous and absolutely chaotic. I mean it was like an alternate reality at times. Some of the dialogue was as subtle as a sledgehammer as well. I found the Tommy Doyle to be the most problematic

    I’m not sure where it sits in my ranking yet. For better or worse, it’s definitely left a lasting impression after leaving the cinema. I’m seeing it again on Wednesday with another friend so i’ll see how much I like it after a second viewing. And I am still really looking forward to Halloween Ends.

    I thought Michael himself was on great form. His process of using every knife available on a dead body was quite creepy and when he arranged the gay couple’s bodies to mirror a pose from a photograph they had was just twisted. I was glad he got up at the end killed most of the town folk, cleaning house before ENDS. Tommy especially.
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  9. Just got back from the cinema after watching this

    I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it either. There was a big hoopla when H2018 was released about taking the series back to its roots and going for suspense snd creepiness rather than blood and splatter, but all Kills has is blood and splatter, most of the time unnecessarily so.

    The nods to the original series was a nice touch - bits of 2 and 4 in particular were well done, albeit a bit unnecessary.
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  10. Completely agree with this. My boyfriend and I watched it together, both big horror fans. He really wasn’t impressed whereas I really enjoyed it…
  11. Watching it again in a little bit this time heavily intoxicated. Maybe if I look at it more as camp with that dialogue I'll enjoy it more. I'm gonna try and count how many times "evil dies tonight" is said.

  12. BTG


    The way Kyle was the MVP in this and I don’t think they realised in time so they could maximise her role.

    I mean, fuck Tommy.
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  13. I hope Ends is just Laurie at home with her feet up now she's realised her and Michael don't really have this big connection, and Kyle is the one who finally finishes it once and for all.

    A few more bricks in her pillow case and queen would have knocked his head clean off, and this time it wouldn't have been a paramedic.
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  14. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    Leave it to the gay couple to buy the town slasher’s childhood home. Camp!
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  15. Take a shot every time they say it!

    I just watched it with my mom , dad, and boyfriend and we all loved it. It was definitely gory and the movie in general was very chaotic. I think it all fits though. You figure it’s not years they have been dealing with this, it’s only the second time this has happened so everyone’s going nuts it’s happening again. I also look at Michaels more gruesome killings as he is probably really pissed off this is the second time Laurie got away. Kyle was great in this. Glad she survived this one. Those car scene kills with the one in the eye and the woman shooting herself were crazy. I loved all the flashbacks and the nod to part III with the masks.. It felt so nostalgic. I think it really worked as a movie to bridge the first and last part together.
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  16. Michael to Big John and Little John:

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  17. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    The thing about the final death is it kind of negates the whole “it has nothing to do with you, he’s just an unstoppable killing machine” angle they were going for. I feel like it would’ve been even more interesting in the next film to have Laurie maintain a dogged, self-destructive pursuit of Michael simply because she happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. That could’ve provided some interesting layers about our reaction to trauma and what justice means (creating a through line with this movie) than her having a very personal, straightforward revenge angle now.
  18. Not sure if it's been posted, but the Box Office was much higher than expected. $50 million weekend when projections said they'd only hit $30 million. Link:

    But isn't that already what she was doing? Chasing him, feeling like he was coming after her for a personal reason? At least now she has a legitimate reason to pursue him. If Alyson or Karen didn't die there would be no way to tie them in for Halloween Ends. They were always going to end on a showdown between Laurie and Michael so I feel like Karen's death was always a given.
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  19. I’m actually devastated with how bad it was.

    Halloween 2018 was arguably saved by its back half. However here the reverse is true.

    I’m in shock.
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  20. Even though I'm disappointed in the movie even after second watch I'm glad its doing well. The world needs more slashers on the big screen and more movies where evil can die tonight.

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