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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

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  3. It did look like a bizarre dream sequence but they wouldn't fake people out like that for a year or however long it takes for Ends to come out. It was just badly done and obviously done as a way to end the film on a bang and give Laurie some personal motivation to kill Michael.
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  4. Big John and Little John reminded me of my own relationship. My boyfriend is often putting the effort into making charcuterie so we can sit and watch a film, with me ruining it by putting some tunes on and wanting to get high in my underwear.
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  6. So he is fully supernatural now, right? I mean, he took on the entire town and won.
  7. Rightly so, they’re all dickheads.
  8. Honestly, as an American who lived through Trump and now Covid in America, the mob aspect and how dumb the townsfolk were was the most realistic part of the movie for me lol. I think that's why I loved it so much. I literally was watching these fools cracking up because I could see people really reacting that way in a situation like this.
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  9. The mob scenes did remind me of the news coverage of the when those idiots who stormed the capital in January. So the realness is there, I cant side with them mainly for this reason.

    I actually liked the Lonnie character, I found him balanced. When he talked about his memories with Alyson’s dad was a nice scene. I wish they’d put him more forward over Tommy.
  10. BTG


    RE: Laurie:

    Using Karen’s death as motivation for Laurie is pointless? She spent the whole of H18 thinking things were personal between her and Michael, and was determined to kill him. Then realised in Kills that wasn’t the case and will now go into Ends… thinking things are personal and determined to kill him. She’s right back where she started at.

    Two days later and I still don’t know what to think of this. I enjoyed parts of it but it’s basically a series of deaths strung together. The legacy characters were all dispatched in pretty cheap ways and the standout chase scene with Kyle Richards could’ve been milked much more.

    The social commentary on mob mentality didn’t work which makes me even more concerned about the same team tackling Covid dddd

    And please don’t give so many characters guns if every shot they fire misses. If I took a shot every time someone mishandled a gun, I’d be dead by the 40 minute mark.
  11. I guess because they want to jump forward a few years in the next film?

    Or they could be saving it for the opening?
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  13. Yep Lonnie was way more likable and that actor so much better. In Anthony Michael Hall's defense he had the worst stuff to pull off but still I couldn't stand Tommy.
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    Big John is a vibe though right?
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  15. Halloween: Completely flips the reality of the series on its head with a canon-shaking twist ending

    Popjustice: Same old, same old, restores the status quo, reductive
  16. Michael trapped in the burning basement at the end of H2018

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  17. I'm quite surprised how many of you on here dislike this movie. Granted, I went in having heard that there's little story in this one and lack of character development and although I had my issues with it was still everything I want in a slasher movie - essentially kills, lots of them, and some of them quite gruesome. Job done.
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  18. I have to say it was a bit of a cheek to spend the 2018 promo trail slating the sequels (especially going in hard on Halloween 2 on the official podcast) and then lifting a shot directly from that movie in a flashback!
  19. Big John and Little John were one of the best kept secrets for me! Adorable, fun couple and the way they renovated the Myers house was a 10/10.
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  20. I actually wasn't THAT shocked by the ending. Perhaps because I don't really feel that attached to any of the characters introduced in the last film.

    We knew Michael wasn't going to die so it kinda made sense to have a shock death. It'll give Laurie & her grandaughter (Allison?!) more of a reason to get revenge now.

    I'm slightly worried about the suggestion that Michael is supernatural with the whole "he can't be taken down by brute force and he just keeps elevating" speech. Feels like they're veering into shit sequel/Halloween 5/6 territory.

    I also love how in 1978 they managed to surround, arrest and lock him up again. Yet in 2018 he was literally on the floor beaten up with everyone around him and he got up and killed everyone and escaped.
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