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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. I think if the supposed game-changer of an ending isn't really having the desired impact, maybe that's the problem with keeping a franchise alive for 40+ years, let alone one that's rebooted and retconned itself as many times as this one.

    Eventually, you run out of places to go.
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  2. The desired impact is a totally different playing field for the next movie. As that's yet to be filmed let alone released, how do you figure we're able to decide whether they've succeeded or failed already?
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  3. Loomis is a 12 piece prosthetic makeup with hair pieces etc. No digital. no deep fake. All practical.
  4. Unquestionably one of the weirdest films I've ever seen.

    And for the third time in 2021, a random parent walked in halfway through a violent scene with two small children and just sat down before being asked by someone else if they were in the right screen.
  5. ...were they in the right screen? I'm not sure which answer is worse nn

    I'm assuming we have no idea about how this trilogy will wrap up? I feel like Jamie wouldn't have signed on unless there was a definitive ending planned, assuming that clause that they couldn't kill Michael Myers no longer exists.
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  6. Kyle Richards, final girl.
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  7. Oh yeah. They turfed a whole row of people up to take their seats, were asked by someone if they intended to be there, then made everyone get up again to leave. It was about 15 minutes from the end!

    In The Conjuring 3 there were two old ladies who realised they were in the wrong screen, and in A Quiet Place Part II a woman with a young child had the realisation 10 minutes in as well! I've only seen five movies in cinemas this year and this has happened in three of them!
  8. Ready for Halloween Restarts, the first in a brand new trilogy where Kyle Richards goes round hitting villains over the head with a bag of bricks and saving the day.
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  9. Honestly the way her scene was the highlight of the film, and she built the tension perfectly? Who says reality stars have no talent.
  10. BTG


    The way Marion had a gun and flopped. Meanwhile Kyle nearly took Michael out with a bag of bricks. Iconic behaviour.
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  11. I'm so perched to see what she gets up to in Ends. Hopefully they'll see the great response she's had and give her co-lead status alongside Laurie.
  12. My favourite scene was actually the two Johns realising someone was in the house - nice and tense despite the odd way they’d written the characters.

    And when Karen was briefly stalked through the back yards, felt like classic Halloween.
  13. The very bricks from Kim’s goddam house, no less.
  14. BTG


    She deserves top billing in Ends. Her chase was the best scene in the movie, followed by Laurie screaming after injecting herself in the ass.
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  15. I was obsessed with how she bludgeoned Miss Myers, survived and then decided to just chill at the hospital reading Radar Online rather than involve herself with the town mob.
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  16. Kyle and her bricks in 4 years time when she hears that Michael has come back to Haddonfield

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  17. [​IMG]

    … but with bricks.
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  18. I need the final film to end with Kyle doing her iconic splits party trick on Michael’s grave.
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  19. Low budget Ann Dowd looking for her son Oscar at the hospital. The lady at the end mob with an IRON ready to press Michael's face. This movie is something.
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