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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Excellently said. Maybe this is a conversation for the horror thread but personally, I was never into excessive gore or violence and more about the thrill of a chase scene or the tension of the confrontation between the killer and a capable victim. That's why Scream is my favorite franchise, especially the first couple of installments. It gives a LOT of time to character development and when the kills do come, they are extremely impactful because you are emotionally connected to the victims. The Casey kill is not heart wrenching because she gets gutted but because you like her so much. Victims like Tatum and Cici put up a huge fight and aren't just fodder for Ghostface. Which brings me back to the dumb victims of Halloween Kills. It's just not fun if they just stand there or literally shoot themselves in the face.
  2. I think it’s hard for people to just forget about the older ones while watching Halloween Kills. People say that Halloween is more about suspense and not the kills but I just think about it technically only being the second time this go around and that this is showing us what Michael is truly capable of. Whether it’s someone he has been stalking or a random set of people, he is brutal.
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  3. I suppose I've just got used to seeing so many slasher movies, that something which is brutal or gory or excessive with kills doesn't really bother me. It's what I sign up for when I go see a slasher movie. I want to be scared and creeped out.

    The original Halloween is brilliant at how it built suspense and wasn't overly gratuitous but I don't want every other Halloween movie to emulate that. Each needs to do it's own thing. One thing you can say about Halloween Kills is that it's unique in that sense. It's the movie with the most kills, the most gore, the most we've seen Michael and his utter vengeance and desire to kill. I think we are so used to seeing Michael Myers in previous movies so we expect him to be the same in this but the whole point was they wanted to do something very different with the story and the character.

    Either way, I think the 'middle movie' in this trilogy was always going to suffer a bit from lack of story. I do think once we get all 3 installments, and you can watch them one after the other, they will be much more entertaining.
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  4. The CGI knife through-the-head in the 2018 entry always felt very out-of-place for me. Plus, it looked goofy as hell! Other than that, I agree with you.
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  5. If they’d of managed to get Paul Rudd to play Tommy as originally planned, I’d of been joining his angry mob myself.
  6. As someone else stated, it’ll probably make more sense within the context of the trilogy. Halloween Kills is much more connected to the original film than the last one.

    Wait, what? They were going to get him? Why? They wanted nothing to do with the other films. Wouldn’t that remind people of that horrible film?
  7. He’s a been a more more complimentary to the film in recent years and had a bit of pride being involved in the franchise. He was approached but it was his Ant Man duties that got in the way.
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  8. Tangent but it should be illegal for anyone to look as beautiful as Paul Rudd did in Halloween 6.

  9. Big John smoking weed in his most sumptuous robe and popping his puss to this spooky bop. My kind of gay.
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  10. Curse >>> Kills
  11. So I watched Kills last night and I thought it might be one of the worst movies I've seen all year.
    Am I on my own in thinking this movie was steaming shit?

    Disclaimer before you come for me, I loved the reboot that came before this one.
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  12. I’m certainly not giving any thought to “feeling bad” for innocent characters with no character development dying in part 12 of a slasher series, that’s for sure.

    The firefighters dying already caused a small bit of upset in the form of a lame petition before the film came out. A petition to ignore that petition now has more signatures, ha.

    Paul Rudd looks absolutely gorgeous in Curse. I think they offered him this film but he had to turn it down?
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  13. Why are we focusing on cruelty as the main issue, one way or another, when the film was just an absolute mess even without that element? It was irritating, limp, and tonally mismatched.
  14. Sheduling conflicts got in the way as he was filming Ghostbusters: Afterlife. Apparently he really wanted to reprise the role. It's a shame it didn't work out.
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  15. Exyooooooose me? No horrible film has this slice of phwooarr in it.

  16. After Ends uh...ends, I'd be totally there for a straight-to-DVD/streaming/beamed-to-your-mind continuation from where Curse left off. Or even Resurrection.
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  17. I read on the Offical Halloween Message Board (back when it was still online) when news was first announced Halloween was coming back that the original plan was to pick up after Resurrection actually. David Gordon Green and Danny McBride wanted to tie it all together and make Laurie survive the fall. Would have been interesting if true.
  18. Halloween 4 is so frustrating because, for me, it's one of the best sequels in the series and of all the routes they could have taken with a follow-up they went with...that.
  19. Halloween 4 is top tier Myers. The whole cast were great, the plot was good, plenty of suspense. Everything a Halloween film should be.

    Halloween 5 is…well, it’s a film. That exists. HRH Jamie Danielle Lloyd Harris was brilliant in it though.

    I used to think Tina took the award for most irritating character in the series but Tommy Doyle in Kills is far worse.
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