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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Thankfully the filmmakers knew they had a couple of duds on their hands and killed Tommy and Tina in their first and only instalments… evil dies tonight, indeed.
  2. Poor Rachel in part 5 though. She didn't even get a decent chase scene or kill.
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  3. It really nails the autumnal tone and atmosphere perhaps better than any other Halloween film. It's the second best for me, after the original.
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  4. her original death scene was more gruesome (scissors down the throat). Ellie Cornell made them change it.
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  5. Controversial, Brave and TRUE
  6. As much as I like to pretend Resurrection never happened, I actually wouldn't have minded that. It would have meant Laurie and Michael were still siblings and we wouldn't have this alternative universe/none of the sequels actually happened which I've never been fully on board with.
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  7. Yes but if we're REALLY going to spill the tea, it's:
    Curse>>>Rob Zombie's Halloween 2>>>Kills.
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  8. I think some of you girls need to calm down.
  9. I’m perfectly calm!
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  10. [​IMG]

    Okay, don't push it, luv.
  11. I’m about to take you outside and pull some Oklahoma on your ass
  12. Yeah, that was my thought while I was watching, that this is going to end with some grand sacrifice from Laurie in order to weaken him. As much as I would want Laurie to survive that would definitely be a powerful ending.
  13. BTG


    Sometimes I think Halloween peaked with Debra Strode. You know?
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  14. Sheri turn on your location

  15. Speaking of Mr. Zombie I absolutely loathed those bullies in the flashback. I guess that's the point but they felt like Rob Zombie characters minus the swearing. Just way to over the top.
  16. Hehe.
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  17. that kill absolutely bothers and unsettles me to this day. Broad daylight.
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  18. I wasn't referring to Rudd; I was referring to the filmmakers. They seemed keen on doing a major retcon.
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