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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. “There’s a big fella in our bathroom and he’s wearing a monster mask!”
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  2. Renewed ranking:

    4: Return of
    6: Curse of
    Resurrection (not sorry)
    3: Season of the Witch
    5: Revenge of
    RZ 1
    RZ 2
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  3. I sometimes feel im the only one who enjoys resurrection. I love a good campy horror film that thinks its edgy lol
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  4. This top three ranking, for sure.
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  5. I love Resurrection way more than makes sense. Yes, that explanation makes fuck all sense and was clearly dreamt up by 14-year-old "super fans" on a sugar high, Busta's acting and character are heinous, Sara is a mopey heroine, but the rest of it works quite nicely as a slasher pic. It's got some really impressive camera work in there.
  6. I hate the way H20 looks as the cinematography is quite hideous but whew that ending. It holds up.
  7. BTG


    The thing about Resurrection is that I don’t think it is camp? Either knowingly or unknowingly. Which is an impressive lack of skill considering it’s a movie with Tyra Banks.
  8. Resurrection is as camp as pink dog shit, not very.

    The orig, 4, 2018 are my Top 3.
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  9. ^ This scene though... Chef's kiss.
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  10. One of the best slasher chase scenes ever.
  11. Rachel screaming “LEAVE US ALONE!!” during that chase always cracks me up.
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  12. Michael’s shoulders during H4 remind me of Hilary Devay.
  13. Current ranking:

    Rob Zombie 1
    Rob Zombie 2
  14. didn’t they have to really pad George Wilbur out to make him look bigger and more imposing? At least they bothered to tuck his mask in. I know 5’s production was rushed but Jesus, I can’t believe nobody on the crew thought to sort that mask out.
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  15. Interesting conversation. Not sure if posted before

  16. I lowkey love Resurrection and it's messy plot.

    I have two more grueling days until I see Kills but current ranking:
    Halloween (2018)
    RZ 2

    The Curse of Michael Meyers is by far the biggest grower of the franchise. I used to hate it but love it more and more each year. Paul is so wooden in it but I could stare all day.
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  17. Ok I’m just back for seeing this and that ending!

    how the hell did he manage to just annihilate that mob?! There were loads of them!

    I also had Karen dying spoiled months ago so that wasn’t that shocking
  18. I'm really hoping 5cream (yes we're calling it Five Cream) is amazing after this mess.
  19. Sure I've seen a porno going by that title.
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  20. This is such a Gale Weathers line "<3."
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