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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. I’d have been on board with this too. Rewrite Karen and Ray as John and Molly, and throw something in about why Laurie isn’t holed up in a psychiatric unit and has her own house and land just outside Haddonfield (maybe the hospital in Resurrection paid her off for physical, mental, and emotional trauma resulting from lax security, dd).

    As for Kills… maybe I’d hyped myself up a bit too much but it was a bit of a mess. Too many supporting characters to cut between (to the point where Laurie felt totally sidelined), the blood and gore was so frequent and graphic that it lost all impact, the mob mentality/“evil dies tonight!” witch hunt was a distraction (and had all the subtlety of a Jessie J vocal), the dialogue…

    What really worked for me about the 2018 film in retrospect is how intimate it felt, simply because there were far fewer players in the frame to focus on (and so you cared more about them). Keep Lindsay and the Johns for sure, but the rest… shrug.
  2. If they truly wanted to make it horrifying they should have included this.
  3. Karen trying to stop the mob at the hospital:

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  4. Laurie and Michael being siblings is one of those things narratively that just worked. I really don't like Halloween 2, but I thought that and the use of Mr. Sandman were two elements that were really fantastic additions. I don't think it would have been that difficult to have honored what worked in the sequels and eliminated the rest.
  5. Especially because her death is never really acknowledged? She dies on her own and then her body turns up about 30 minutes later for 2 seconds? A waste.
  6. So I went to see Kills a second time tonight and it was so much more enjoyable this time. Once you’re prepared for some the character choices and the dialogue, it’s actually a really fun film. I found it quite exciting and even enjoyed the mob aspect (except for Tommy). The audience seemed to really enjoy it as well, they were quite reactionary. It was stone silence the first time I saw it.

    I think time will be kind to Halloween Kills.

    Anyway, here’s where I’d rank it for now

    1. Halloween
    2. Halloween 18
    3. Halloween H20
    4. Halloween 2
    5. Halloween 4
    6. Halloween Kills
    7. Halloween 3
    8. Rob Zombie’s Halloween
    9. Halloween 6
    10. Halloween 5
    11. Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2
    12. Halloween Resurrection
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  7. I would, be his Side Piece
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  8. I just hope in the final one they definitely take more of a focus on suspense with some of the kills. I don't mind gore here and there, but please let me be on the edge of my seat really worrying for some of the characters.
    If they're making stupid ass decisions then I really start rooting for Michael. He's doing Haddonfield a favor.
  9. For now:

    1. Halloween
    2. Halloween H20
    3. Halloween 2
    4. Halloween 4
    5. Halloween Kills
    6. Halloween 18
    7. Halloween 3
    8. Halloween 5
    9. Halloween 6
    10. Rob Zombie’s Halloween
    11. Halloween Resurrection
    12. Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2

    Having re-watched the 2018 movie recently, it suffers from the same issues 'Kills' does - with random plot points, terrible dialogue and wafer-thin character development, however 'Kills' just is more entertaining for me.
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  10. 1. Halloween
    2. Halloween 2
    3. Halloween H20
    4. Halloween 4
    5. Halloween Kills
    6. Halloween 2018
    7. Halloween 3
    8. Halloween Resurrection
    9. Halloween 6
    10. Halloween 5
    11. Rob Zombie's Halloween
    12. Rob Zombie's Halloween 2

    I really wasn't a huge fan of Halloween 2018. Halloween Kills felt more like a halloween film imo. I think its hard for me to ignore the elements of the sequels. I went to see Halloween Kills with my boyfriend and he loved 2018 but didn't like kills because Michael seemed supernatural. I found him always supernatural after the end of the first one. He walked away after he was shot and fell off of a balcony. I also know they want more sequels so its easy for me to just enjoy the non logicalness of the movie, its what i'm use to lol.
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  11. Exactly, I mean Loomis fired 6 shots which directly hit Michael and he then fell off a balcony yet still got up and walked away but some are complaining that Michael seems indestructible this time around, ha.
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  12. Even though I was underwhelmed a bit in Kills I am truly so interested in how they will handle Ends. I have no clue where they are going with this and that is exciting.
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  13. I FINALLY saw it girls and (perhaps unsurprisingly) loved it. I went with my horror loving aunts who introduced me to the original as a child.

    Miss Richards had hands down the best scene, which had me tensed up the entire time but in general I just loved seeing Marion and Sheriff Brackett back as well, even if both bit the bullet.

    I agree there was an unnecessary amount of death and brutality to it, to the point where Michael was giving… its giving mid-franchise Jason Vorhees, but I was entertained the entire time.

    Everyone I know loathed the boyfriend in the last film but his death still managed to feel too much. Girl take it easy! Why did Allison leave him to tend to the dead couple like she did? After insisting they stay together minutes prior. The gay couple got the most laughs but humorous or not I found it oddly heartwarming to see a healthy gay relationship in a slasher of this magnitude! Call me cheesy.

    I felt very strongly once they announced three films that Judy would die in the middle entry, but I was surprised by how they did it. That was probably the most effective jump scare for the audience. It did feel like they maybe wanted us to think it was a dream/vision.

    Jamie was completely underused but I imagined the final film will be heavy on the Laurie.

    I would rank it below the last film but certainly above most the sequels. Can’t wait to see it again next week with my friends!
  14. Finally seen Kills tonight!

    Firstly, the stampede at the hospital was ridiculous. Like, Michael is huge, so why did they think it was the wee man trotting about in the gown?

    Secondly, why was Jamie/Laurie barely featured?

    Lastly, if the other sequels don’t exist now, why is he still chasing her if they aren’t actually related? I only realised this now.
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  15. I watched Kills again last night and loved it just as much. It's just scenes rather than a cohesive film but I stan.

    New Ranking
    Halloween '78
    Halloween 2018
    Halloween 4
    Halloween Kills
    Halloween 6
    Hallowen 2
    Halloween Resurrection
    Halloween 5
    Halloween 3
    Zombieeween 2
  16. He’s not. She’s chasing him. Michael could care less about Laurie… he just wants to kill. He doesn’t care who it is, he’s not after anyone specific. Laurie is very much the hunter in this story. He’s the prey.

    The only reason they even had an encounter was because of Michael’s doctor in the 2018 film. Michael is pissed about being set on fire, I’m sure… but he’s not making a beeline for the hospital. He’s just taking out anything in his path. Now if this continues to be the case in the next movie, I have no idea. If they reveal any kind of motivation for Michael, I don’t know. But so far, that’s what I’ve taken from the last two movies. Roles have reversed. The hunted, Laurie, has become the hunter.
  17. He’s not though is he. His doctor took him to Laurie’s house in the last film and in this one he doesn’t give her a second thought.

    It really does look like it stings her when Hawkins tells Laurie that not everything is about her. No one like to hear that.
  18. I really like the line in the 2018 film from the podcaster “after 40 years, could it be that one monster has created another?”

    And I think they address it well in Halloween Kills with the interchanging scenes of Karen and Allyson talking to the police about what happened. Karen thinks that Laurie lured Michael to her house and put them in harms way. While Allyson is the only one who knows the truth. She was with the doctor and Michael, but there’s been no time for communicating that, obviously. It adds a little to the chaos of everything else going on. Because then they find out he’s alive and it sets them off in all different directions again.
  19. Maybe I misunderstood, I thought in the previous film she said something along the lines of her knowing he would come back for her (hence Karen thinking she was crazy). Plus she barely left her house, I wouldn’t call that her hunting him down.
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