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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Well she thinks that he’s obsessed with her, but it’s her who has the obsession. Plus, he was in an asylum for 40 years so she has no reason to go looking for him, but once he’s out she’s in that car looking for him
  2. It still makes less sense than 'Michael hunting Laurie down because she is his sister'. So I do hope they offer something more in the last film to give it a little more weight.
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  3. The original was released on this day in 1978.

    Legend status.
  4. We’ve just watched Halloween 1. After the film was finished, I had to go down to the laundry room to empty the dryer.

    We’ve watched this film every year in the 8 years we’ve been together, but husband still wouldn’t let me go downstairs on my own.
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  5. Lindsey, can you answer the phone?



  6. Now this is how they should lean into Halloween Ends. Have Allyson or someone make Laurie realise she's the one with the vendetta (in this timeline), not Michael.
  7. I’m so late to this, but I have finally seen Halloween Kills, and, it’s not patch on 2018, I was genuinely drawn into that film from start to finish, but Kills just felt so disruptive, one minute we’re in the quiet streets with Michael doing his rounds, and the next we’re in that chaotic crowded hospital shouting “Evil Dies Tonight!” I just found all those hospital scenes distracting and unnecessarily long.
    I guess I was also aggravated throughout the film because people kept coming into the screen and taking a seat up until the last 20 minutes. Seriously??
    The best scenes were in the neighbourhood and I quite enjoyed Michael’s killing sprees, I guess that’s what a slasher horror should deliver and it didn’t disappoint. overall though the film felt like a stop gap, basically carrying on where 2018 ended and setting up the next movie.
  8. For some reason this last watch of Kills really worked for me a bit more. Maybe because I was watching with someone who was pretty into it. It for sure has it's good quality's its just a shame it has so much editing and dialogue issues.
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  9. Well this was actually….quite solid
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  10. I agree. It started so promisingly and there were ingredients that worked beautifully - the '78 flashbacks, the neighbourhood scenes, even the initial bar setup of the vigilante mob - but everything fell apart at the hospital. I know it's not fair to make the comparison, but I longed for the unsettling atmosphere of the eerie hospital in 'Halloween II'. Jamie Lee was absolutely wasted in this film and her performance, which was the right side of intense in 'Halloween' 2018, veered into histrionic camp. Judy Greer was unspeakably bad here as well.

    I genuinely appreciate the attempt to bring another element into the franchise and the town turning on Michael was an excellent, timely idea on paper, but it just didn't work on screen. The core of the original story of a man who did awful things on Halloween night disappeared and that creeping suggestion of Michael being some kind of otherworldly incarnation of evil took me out of my suspended disbelief. 'Halloween' 2018 was an effective revenge story that revisited the simplicity of the original film and built a psychological depth into it with the exploration of Laurie's trauma. 'Halloween Kills' is an audaciously bad hybrid of gratuitous deaths, underwritten dialogue and poor direction in what can only be described as a tone-deaf derailing of the most satisfying reboot of the franchise in its history.

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  11. We’ve been watching them all week and we’ve just hit Halloween 5.

    God, the quality really dropped off a cliff with this one. And will someone tuck that friggin mask in!
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  12. Hmmm let me check this out. The whole theater burst out laughing when kid Michael put on that grown-up Michael mask. Hopefully they took that whole part out!
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  13. We’re onto Curse tonight.
    I mean it’s the plot is a goddamn mess but at least it’s suspenseful. And Jamie’s death had to be the most brutal of the series.

    At least some interesting stuff happens…unlike 5.
  14. I went in prepared to be underwhelmed by this but I didn't expect to outright hate it. The whole thing felt beyond illogical... the mob in the hospital that seemed to go on forever, the way the final kill felt totally random and way too quick, Laurie having virtually nothing to do except deliver horrific dialogue (which was bad across the board, I was cringing at half the script).

    I actually liked how brutal Michael was here, it was everything surrounding him that didn't work for me.
  15. I was expecting to hate Halloween Kills from what I had heard prior to seeing it, but I got enough enjoyment out of it.

    The eternity it took the camera to focus on Kyle Richards as Lindsey. The kii with Big John and Little John, especially with the nod to razor blades in candy hysteria tipped on it's head. The flashbacks were really good - I was a bit put off by hearing a Loomis voiceover off screen for so long, but when he appeared, it wasn't a bad job at all.
  16. I’m about to watch Halloween 4 for the first time, I can’t believe I’ve never seen it, I didn’t realise it was considered one of the best in the series.
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  17. “That’s not all you’re eating, Rachel.”
  18. I watched Halloween kills last night and it was awful. Some highlights of course, but overall a flop and cold messy movie. My friend was fuming at me and calling it 'the worst movie he has seen'. I rate it 1 star out of 5. I was so bummed to see Jamie Lee's daughter get killed in the end.....I was hoping it was the Granddaughter that gets killed.
  19. I heard that line just after reading this dd
  20. It’s Halloween and “Halloween” isn’t even on TV? Blasphemy and homophobia.

    I remember back in the day (well…in the 90’s) it used to be on every year on BBC1 at like 11:30pm.
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