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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Halloween Kills really is the Jason X of the franchise isn’t it. And I say that someone who throughly enjoys Jason X.
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  2. Halloween fans: "Why would Marion say that? These filmmakers keep forgetting what timeline they're in!!!"

    Also Halloween fans: "Idiots, why didn't they shoot him in the head, don't they know Michael always gets back up!?"
  3. Finally saw it, and I hated it. 1.5/5.

    I’m offended that David Gordon Green has resurrected the franchise at this grand scale and THIS is what they come up with. Halloween ‘18 had its flaws but this… is just bad. Some plus points for:
    1) some good moments of tension and good cinematography
    2) a few decent kills
    3) Big John and Little John
    4) (most of) the soundtrack
    5) Lindsey
    6) how well the 70s flashback scenes were done in terms of look and feel

    Everything else was a mess. The non-existent plot, the characters and their stupid ass decisions, the aforementioned dialogue, the ridiculous exposition throughout - give your audience some credit will ya, the repetitiveness.. “40 years ago” blablabla “EviL DIeS TonIgHt!” yadayada, Anthony Michael Hall playing the least likeable character of the entire franchise and getting far too much screen time, Laurie just holed up in the hospital AGAIN after the criticisms of II from ‘81.. I could go on.

    What’s most offensive is that is has ZERO of the subtlety of the original Halloween. At least Resurrection has replay value because it’s so bad it’s entertaining. This I would happily never watch again.

    I hope they take the criticisms on board for Halloween Ends since that hasn’t even started shooting yet but I’m not gonna hold my breath. And I’m suddenly not so excited anymore about the rebooted Exorcist trilogy with David Gordon Green at the helm either.
  4. The ass stabbing “it takes the pain away” sequence was iconic camp though, it’s true, it’s true.
  5. I finally saw it last night and I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it. It kind of completely ignored what made the original a horror classic. There was no unpredictability, there was too much on-screen gore that was relentlessly violent, and you didn't spend enough time with any character to even care when they got murdered. It was very much a straightforward slasher that underutilized its key players and had zero psychological tension.
  6. Halloween Kills: Extended Cut is releasing digitally on December 13th, with a US physical release slated for January 2022.

    Can’t wait to see Evil still not die tonight again!
  7. These Ends reference points are absurd.

    ‘David Gordon Green says Halloween Ends will be more ‘Piscean’, influenced by Mr Magorium’s Wonder Emporium and a croissant he ate for lunch’
  8. The way this would be better than Kills.
  9. I mean... He's making a movie about a silent and mysterious unkillable monster inspired by John Carpenter and he's referenced.... A John Carpenter movie about a silent and mysterious unkillable monster. It's not particularly absurd at all, is it?
  10. It was more the 1-2 punch of that article about the ‘COVID politics’, then followed by this - but go on and clobber me with your bag of bricks, I deserve it!
  11. I’d put money on Ends feeling like more of a sequel to Halloween 2018 rather than Kills. There will be one mention of covid in passing, if that. There will be no killer cars, no angry mob and we’ll all have a nice time.
  12. Post Of The Week!!!!
  13. Finally saw Halloween Kills this afternoon and I honestly can't believe how bad it was.

    So many parts seemed forced for the sake of trying to be iconic. The way Michael was called "the bogeyman" in the original Halloween was chilling but the way they kept referencing it in this felt so fucking cheap!
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  14. I bought the Halloween Kills novel and the size difference between this and the last one is really annoying me haha! Like, Muffy, sis, the lack of consistency!!

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  15. I didn't know they still did these things?

    Are pages 103-126 just "Evil Dies Tonight!" over and over.
  16. I’ll let you know when I get there haha! But the last line of the blurb is “evils does tonight” so any hopes I had of the author getting rid that whole thing were very quickly dashed!
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  17. But did you guys know that Evil Dies Tonight?

  18. “Sources say that after Richards garnered positive reception from fans in “Halloween Kills,” the filmmakers re-wrote the script to include her character in “Halloween Ends,” crafting an expanded storyline for her return.”

    Make them bend the story to your popularity!
  19. I would be very surprised if she isn't killed off in a glorified/poignant moment of whatever but I am happy to have her back!
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