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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Not older sister!
  2. Early footage of Lindsey's first encounter with Michael in Ends!

  3. As the saying goes, you either die a hero or live long enough that you and your bag of bricks become the Boogeyman.
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  4. I got drunk last weekend on a bottle of red wine and gave Kills a second viewing and quickly realized it's still a steaming pile of dog shit, because I even fell asleep during the first act. One of the worst additions in this franchise, no doubt about that.
  5. The extended cut is…well, if you didn’t like the film before, you probably still won’t. Scene extensions, an abundance of ADR, longer kills, and an alternate ending that’s even worse than the one we ended up with.

    I’m scared for Ends.
  6. Kyle was clearly always meant to be a part of Ends otherwise her character wouldn't have escaped Michael in Kills. They probably just added some extra screen time because of how popular she is, it doesn't feel like a big deal to me and is probably the least of this film's problems.
  7. I guess during the commentary David Gordon Green said he did intend to kill actress of the year Kyle Richards but ran out of time.
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  8. Guess he was too busy filling time with the hospital chase scene, which is one of the worst sequences in the entire Halloween franchise.
  9. He should be ASHAMED. I had such high hopes for him tackling on this franchise after seeing Jamie Lee's godson Jake Gyllenhaal's excellent movie, Stronger. But it has become clear as day he so has no FUCKING clue what a Halloween movie actually entails.

    I hope the franchise stays dead for AT LEAST 10 years and then goes to A24 or something. I am done with Blumhouse.
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  10. One thing that really stuck out when I watched it yesterday was that whole sequence with Kyle and her bag of bricks.

    We watch him give up the chase, walk over the bridge, and when the others pull up at the park we see the staged bodies. So we’re led to believe that Michael walks over the bridge, then walks back over it and arranges the dead bodies all whilst Kyle is rolling around in the mud, making it under the bridge by the time she’s found?

    Something was cut out there for sure.
  11. Didn't she say she was in the water with gators or something? We didn't really see that in the movie so I think she probably had more filmed for sure.
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  12. Are there gators in rivers in Illionis in Winter?

    I'd have paid to see the film again if we got a Lindsey Wallace Vs Alligators scene
  13. A good watch

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  14. They're filming Halloween Ends pretty close to me, they keep sending out calls for extras for 'Cave Dweller' the same thing they filmed Kills under.
  15. Answer the call, girl.

    I hope they get everyone back on side with Ends, it would be a shame if this trilogy is a one hit wonder. I’m actually waiting on my Kills DVD to arrive so I can give a third try.

  16. Laurie getting a glow up and that Hawkins DICK
  17. Time for this thread to heal and enjoy the build up to October 14th.
  18. Laurie's looking good! Get it girl. As for the movie I'm going in with low expectations so hopefully I'm pleasantly surprised. I need this to be more Halloween 2018 then Kills. Can't wait to see her and Kyle beat the crap out of Michael.
  19. Uno


    That wig glow-up.
  20. I am very excited for Queen Lindsey Wallace's Return
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