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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. I'm reading the book Taking Shape, which I highly recommend for the behind the scenes details and interviews. I'm in the chapter about Resurrection and while none of the ideas are amazing, literally all of them would be better than what we got. The most interesting for me was Robert Zappia (H20's writer) who would've had Michael on trial for his crimes. His surviving victims would return to testify, putting everybody under the same roof and Michael would escape and kill Laurie, which would cover Jamie Lee's cameo. I think this could've been fun and a better way to kill Laurie than what we got. The only downfall is I don't think they could've gotten Michelle Williams and Josh Hartnett back.

    Another idea was from the writer of Halloween 6 who is apparently a superfan. His story would've centered around Lindsay and Tommy investigating Michael's life between Halloween 2 and H20 when the murders start again. Jamie Lee's cameo in this one would be the reveal that she was the killer and had lost her mind, instead of it being Michael.
  2. [​IMG]

    “Hey it’s Che Diaz”
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  3. Appearing in the IKWYDLS, Scream and Halloween franchises? Legend behaviour.
  4. Without any exaggeration, if Sarah was in this I would absolutely freak the fuck out.
  5. Uno


    She's not going to be. The only "source" posting that is a Twitter page that is ran by a cig fan with zero inside knowledge. It's a fan casting.
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  6. If she ever was going to star in this I demand a 15 minute long chase scene with multiple locations, Sarah Michelle physically fighting Michael and almost ending him but eventually dying in the most thrilling, fascinating way possible. I want stakes.
  7. I just don’t see where she would fit if it truly is the final part of a trilogy. They already have Laurie and Alyson’s story to focus on and they have to develop Lindsay into a larger role. Where would a fourth female lead fit? Unless Lindsay is a lesbian and she’s playing her wife.
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  8. The way I knew it was coming as I scrolled past the image and still fucking hollered.
  9. Sadly, the best thing about Resurrection is the opening. Which says a lot when it's not even that good. The end of H20 would have been such an epic way to end it. I just wish they would have kept in the references to previous Halloween movies like Kevin Williamson had suggested in his spec.
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  10. I'm listening!
  11. C6A392B0-F2B8-4C16-8179-908362E3BE6B.jpeg

    And I’d 100% be here for it.
  12. The thing with Halloween that gets me is that each film is such a huge swing from the previous one. People loved 4, then 5 was so bad the franchise went dormant. People hated 6, the franchise went dormant again and people loved H20….then Resurrection happened.

    Also, I bought Taking Shape Part 2 which explores all of the sequels that weren’t made. It amazes me they had so many ideas for each film, but still managed to pick some of the worst pitches in some cases. You had people who knew the franchise and seemed to care but even they seemed clueless.
  13. Now that you put this out there, l'll riot if it doesn't happen.

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  14. It is a very messy franchise but then most of the classics like Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th are! There's always too much interference from the movie execs and the writers and directors that have a passion for these movies are rarely the ones who get to step into the role. We end up with a writer or director who worked on some shitty film that is probably cheap to hire and then we get another messy movie that people hate that ends with another reboot 5 years later.

    I'm already anticipating that Halloween will get rebooted in 2028.
  15. I'm still gutted by Halloween Kills. It's not as bad as Resurrection but it was close.
  16. I enjoyed some of the kills but the dialogue and acting was questionable from many.
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  17. I absolutely loved Kills and am positively fizzing for Ends.
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  18. LOVED? Not the movie that made me hate Tommy Doyle now when I watch Halloween '78.
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  19. Dddd Resurrection > Kills.

    At least the former is dumb fun.
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