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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

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  2. Who didn’t hate that bowl haired wimp anyway?!
  3. BTG


    Paul Rudd’s Tommy Doyle is a queer icon and is in a better Halloween movie than Kills. Evil flops tonight.

  4. Can’t wait for Halloween 2030 to come out and watch history get rewritten yet again but in favour of Kills <3
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  5. The cute little Silver Shamrock reference in Halloween '18 that beat us over the head like a sack of bricks in Kills...
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  6. I feel like Halloween Kills is objectively a bad film but I, too, love it.
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  7. I can’t believe this icon didn’t get a Best Supporting nod at this years Oscars.

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  8. Michael needs to iron someone to death in Ends as an homage to this. Then later that body needs to be found neatly folded in a bedroom closet.
  9. Kills biggest issue is that it wasn't even fun. I stan plenty of awful horror movies because they're just absurdly enjoyable, but Kills took itself so seriously in spite of godawful dialogue, illogical storytelling, and shit acting. It's even worse because it squandered such solid setup from Halloween '18. The whole thing was just a chore, a few scenes excluded. I'll never get over how insane the mob scenes were. I can't even fathom how those passed the script phase with no one saying, "what the fuck is happening here?!"
  10. I must be the only one who found Kills to be hilarious. I thought the mob and how inept they were was uniquely American and exactly how things would’ve played out in an American town.

    This could’ve easily been a new story out of Florida or Michigan and people would shrug their shoulders. That’s how spot on it felt to me.
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  11. I actually loved Halloween Kills, the score was amazing.
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  12. There's a couple things I'd change but all in all, I loved Kills and had the time of my life watching it.

    My experience seeing Halloween Kills was what I wanted my experience seeing Scream 22 to be like but to be honest I kind of had this niggling feeling as I left the theater buzzing and then logged on here to find y'all tearing it to shreds, I just knew that I was going to leave Scream disappointed and find all of you praising it.

    I'm ready for a palette cleanser so bring on Halloween Ends and I hope you all hate it so I can live again ddd
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  13. Also Allyson and Karen in Halloween Kills are more Sidney Prescott than Sidney Prescott in Scream 2022 I said what I said don't @ me
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  14. Sorry for repeated postings but my ranting inspired me to watch a bunch of clips on YouTube with my morning coffee. I haven't seen the film a second time yet, excited to, but I've not got around to it, so it's only the second time I've watched most of these clips.

    One of the things I found odd about the reaction to Scream on this forum is the praise for Wes's death. The knife-through-the-neck seems to have landed as a brutal but cool death.

    For me it was the main turning point of the movie. For the first half hour or so, I was absolutely loving the movie, legitimately thrilled to be seeing a Scream in 2022 and enjoying every second. Then Judy's death was a huge shock (although I wish the trailers hadn't spoiled it), but it clearly should have led to a chase scene with Wes, and they had time to do that, but instead they wasted screen time on a painfully unfunny joke that went on about three minutes too long.

    And then his death was just as quick as Judy's, just as quick as Vince's, and the shock factor by this point had worn off and I was starting to feel fatigued at the movie not really going anywhere and three consecutive kills coming down to little more than a 30-second test of forearm strength.

    But anyway, the death itself was too gruesome for me. It was just far too much. I'm not a particularly squeamish person, but wherever my threshold is, Wes's death leapt past it.

    But then everyone's praising it! And it felt really weird because I remember when Halloween Kills came out, it felt like no one liked the old couple's deaths. I remember reading multiple posts about how it was too gruesome and the bulb through the neck was too much.

    And I'm thinking... Who's grossed out by that scene, but not by Wes's death? But at the same time, how come Wes's death bothered me when that scene didn't?

    In fact, I don't think the old couple's death is too much at all. I think it's actually underrated and is one of the most important scenes in this timeline.

    Michael playing with the bodies and building his little art pieces has been a part of his character since the beginning and Halloween 2018 definitely made an effort to revisit that. But even after two movies, the audience has never really seen him do it, it's all been off-screen.

    This scene is the first time we see Michael setting up one of these scenes. It's also the first time we know of that someone has witnessed Michael doing these things.

    In a movie that really pivots into the whole "evil itself" thing, it feels essential that for the first time someone witnesses the true extent of Michael's darkness and we the audience see it with them.

    As for the bulb through the neck, as I rewatch the scene I can see why it didn't bother me in the way Wes's death did.

    Wes's death is shot in a painfully explicit manner. If I remember rightly, it's largely a single static shot that shows us every bit of gore and every painful emotion of Wes's final moments. And it's painfully slow.

    But the scene in Halloween Kills is really quick. The initial blow is over in a second and after a quick reaction shot, we have a bunch of rapid cuts that allow us to experience the attack but without really giving us a clear look at the victim's suffering. We see a shot of the weapon and a shot of the victim but in both her wound is obscured, first by her shoulder, then by Michael's. We then cut to a lingering shot of Michael followed by our first proper close up of the victim, which starts with her out of focus while the camera once again lingers on Michael's reflection, before pulling forward so we can get a proper look as Michael removes the weapon.

    There's a clear conscious effort through shot choice and editing to draw our attention to the evil that Michael is committing, rather than keep our focus solely on the suffering he's inflicting. I think it works really well.

    Had it been a single static shot of that woman being stabbed and dying, I think I would also be labelling it as a step too far, and I think that's why Wes's death causes such a different reaction to me than the one in Halloween Kills.

    Whew an essay

    Kind of reminds me of a death scene I shot on an indie movie many years ago. We had a medium shot of a character being strangled to death and it just felt too much. So I shot a wide angle of the death through a now empty wine glass so she's dying in soft focus in the background while the camera lingers on the remnants of a nice drink she was enjoying ten minutes earlier. Ended up pretty effective, compared to holding on the medium shot which would've been more shocking, but not really any more effective at conveying any emotion or meaning.
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  15. Halloween Kills better then Scream 2022?


    Karen and Alyson better then Sidney Fucking Prescott? What's going on here on this day? Mom pick me up I'm scared.

  16. Not better than Sidney! Just Sid in the fifth film.

    I mean don't get me wrong there's lots of great Sid moments I like in the fifth film, but at the end of the day Andi's "come and get me, motherfucker" has way more Prescott energy than Sid rolling her eyes and hanging up on Ghostface like she's getting fatigued by a really toxic friend.
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  17. Trouble with Halloween is that they never learn.

    1998: Big song n' dance about how the sequels sucked and the new one is setting it right.
    2002: Resurrection happens.

    2018: Big song n' dance about how the sequels including H20 and the remakes sucked and the new one is setting it right.
    2021: Kills happens.

    2038: Big song n' dance about how everything sucks but the original. Jamietron says the new one is setting it right.
    2040: I Still Know Halloween Kills happens.
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  18. I wish I liked Halloween Kills as much as you did. I was so excited for it and granted I don't hate it. I felt Sidney's actions and delivery were pitch perfect for where she would be in her life now. She has been through this shit 4 other times. She is over it as opposed to Alyson who has just started the horror on that night.
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  19. I’d agree that Halloween Kills Karen gave me more than Scream 5 Sidney. I found Sidney and Gayle underused and just a bit plonked in the film for the sake of it to be honest (a bit like Halloween Kills Laurie) but that’s another discussion for another thread.
  20. You ABSOLUTELY wouldn’t see Sidney going into the house of a serial killer she wasn’t convinced was dead looking for a ghost, that’s for sure.
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