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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. The difference is here is that we have Ends. That film could still be amazing, bring the trilogy to a satisfying conclusion and actually make sense of Halloween Kills for the people who didn’t care for it. We hope anyway.
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  2. I love Judy Greer with all my heart but I didn't think the material they gave her in Kills was all that special. She was very a Karen being Karen in the hospital scenes then sure she gets a couple of moves on Michael but nothing compared to her "Gotcha" in 2018 which is iconic in my mind at least. Then she dies. The lines they made her read holding Michael's mask were also a bit cringe.
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  3. Honestly I feel exactly the same way. I wish you could like this film like I do, and I wish I could like Scream as much as you do. Neither can live while the other survives etc etc

    I think the problem for me with Sid's portrayal is that she's clearly intended to be very "over it." And I don't think that was every going to work. If she's going to be in the story, I want her engaged and emotionally invested in the story. Making her "over it" just makes her feel a bit cold and detached.

    I actually like the climax of the movie but

    Amber's death is handled completely wrong. The shifting power imbalance between Sid and Ghostface is what makes Scream climax's so thrilling, but in this one we see shit like Gale and Sid calmly and coldly discussing which of them is gonna blow her brains out?? Then Amber gets the most gruesome death of any killer yet and they hold for a long time on her screams. Her death feels far too brutal to be made light of, even after everything she's done.

    Seeing Sid and Gale toying with her and discussing who's going to kill her, and cracking jokes about her after she's just burned to death...

    Honestly I just can't get on board with it. Sid comes across as cruel and callous. It's not the same person who held Roman's hand while he died. It's just not.

    And yes I echo the comment on Halloween Ends. Kills is a bit of a schroedinger's movie. I love it, but how it's ultimately remembered depends entirely on where Ends goes.
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  4. I have no clue how I didn't know this even existed.

    I know these asshole auditioners felt awfully dumb after seeing her iconic work in Valentine.
  5. "She can't act"

    A Halloween 6 audition?

    Sir, this is a Wendy's!

  6. In order to rectify this have Sidney receive a call from Ghostface who’s in the house her kids are in. That will take her back there in seconds.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Passing up on Denise is a mistake in itself but the "she can't act" given the performance the actress they did hire gave... make it make sense.
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  9. You could tell me this clip was a deleted scene from Drop Dead Gorgeous and I'd believe you. I just adore Denise's drawl and timing.

    If she were in Halloween 6, I'd actually take the time to watch it.
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  10. BTG


    Ew gross. Denise would’ve been iconic in the role.
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  11. Jamie Lee Curtis has officially finished her last scene for the Halloween series…. for now anyway.
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  12. I've been rewatching the movies after reading the Talking Shape book about the making of the films. I decided to watch Halloween 6 because that one was probably the only of the sequels which really didn't have a great script idea at any stage. The biggest problem is that they wanted to tie it into the Halloween 5 story, which doomed them. Watching the movie, it is still awful, but I think it was well directed and I liked the vibe of the city and the suspense.

    I think they had the right director, but I wish for the script they had just glossed over Halloween 5. The franchise went dormant because that film was so bad and flopped. Why continue the story? I would've just made Jamie the lead and do a straight forward movie without all that cult stuff. Had they done that, they could've reset the franchise and had a good film. In general it seems Halloween suffers from overthinking things. I hope that isn't the case with Halloween Ends.
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  13. It’d been 6 years as well, who even cared what happened at the end of Halloween 5 at that point. They should have just had the original Jamie being stalked by Michael and plenty of Paul Rudd nude scenes.
  14. Wasn't 6 intended to be the last at that point, so they wanted to wrap up all loose ends?
  15. I’m pretty sure 6 was meant to restart the series, which is another reason why it made no sense to center it around a failed storyline. Just move forward. It’s truly insane.

    In the Talking Shape book, they mentioned how they went through so many scripts, writers and rewrites and none of it worked because the only focus was on tying up the loose ends from 5. The fact that they couldn’t get a script should’ve told them something.
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  16. The Producer's Cut made a bit more sense story-wise, but wasn't as interesting as the theatrical.
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  17. Laurie Strode WHOMST? It's all about Lindsey now! This is a Lindsey Wallace stan account. It's time us girls finally get our bag of bricks.
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  18. I do prefer the theatrical cut of Curse and maybe nostalgia plays a bit of a role as it was the first horror movie I got to see in theaters. The MTV cutting and weird sound effects actually do work for me giving the film a weird, sinister vibe. The entire mood and aesthetics of that movie really help make it a good Halloween film despite the messy script. Much better then the horrible looking daytime shots of Michael in 5.
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  19. Halloween 6 was easily my least favorite for years but it grows on me every time I watch it. It could have been better of course, but I prefer it to 3, 5 and Resurrection (and of course Zombie 1 & 2).
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  20. BTG


    6 is better than anything post H20, don’t @ me.
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