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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. I just watched halloween kills and thought it was really disappointing. Hopefully the 3rd movie is a lot better.
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  2. I'm quite fond of Halloween 6, there's something enjoyably naff about how it looks like a TV movie in some of the editing and framing choices. And also what's not to love about the surgery massacre and chase scene and Paul Rudd looking like he did in Clueless.
  3. I’ve got a real soft spot for 6. After the first 2, it was one of the first of the sequels I watched. I mean it’s a total mess but I do enjoy it. It’s interesting. Unlike 5 which is a complete snooze fest and the Myers house must be Rose Red because it’s tripped in size all by itself.
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  4. What are you talking about the house looks exactly the same?


    Continuity for the ages.
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  5. But at least we got the laundry chute scene from the Myers mansion
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  6. Halloween Resurrection was added to Netflix over the weekend and in an act of self hatred, I watched it again. It truly is the absolute pits isn’t it. Give me ten Halloween 5’s and the Myers McMansion over anything in that film. I’d take 1000 “evil dies tonight” chants over the Busta vs Michael kung fu scene.
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  7. Halloween Resurrection is the worst theatrically released slasher of all time for sure.
  8. Shrooms, Hatchet, and the Prom Night remake say hey.
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  9. Brittany Snow <3
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  10. Shrooms.... I can't believe I paid to watch that in a cinema, add Reeker to this list as well.
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  11. I actually really enjoy the Hatchet films
  12. Reeker got a big-screen release!?? I found it in a shop of cloned DVDs in China when I was backpacking, assumed it was a straight to disc thing.
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  13. The Prom Night remake made my eyes bleed in the cinema.

    Halloween Kills is close.
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  14. Oh I had completely forgot about that movie. I saw Reeker with a date and can I just say it put me off going to the movies for about 5 years and also I was single for about 5 years afterwards too. Terrible, terrible film.

    Resurrection is utter pants, but I can hate watch it long enough to enjoy the sewer kill sequence and Katie Sackhoff's one-note Brittany Murphy impression.
  15. I just will never understand how they picked such an odd treatment for a film. Especially after H20/Scream. I mean, you go from a super personal story to Michael killing a bunch of people filming Big Brother at his house? It was such an odd choice.
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  16. I think technically there may have been worse movies then Halloween Resurrection but it was just slap in the face to a franchise that up until that point tried to take itself seriously. Prom Night would be second for me. That one is just a lame, toothless movie.
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  17. It was conceived at the height of reality TV, then delayed a year or so, by which point the whole reality horror thing had peaked, we'd already had Kolobos and couple of others; My Little Eye came out about a week or two before Resurrection (and while actually a decently made film, is far less entertaining).
  18. I'm watching my digital copy of Halloween Kills that came with the 4K/Bluray and didn't pay attention to the "extended cut" in the title. So far I've only noticed the very, very bizarre scene where Karen goes into the morgue, but intrigued to see what else was cut.
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  19. I think I saw Halloween Resurrection in the cinema but had largely forgotten about it and rewatched last week on Netflix. I remembered the opening which conveniently backtracked on the whole beheading Michael ending of H20, but the rest of the plot being an online reality show had totally escaped my memory. I had assumed Jamie Lee Curtis was in it throughout. What a load of shit it was!
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  20. And I watched the Rob Zombie Halloween the other day. While it wasn't completely terrible, it seemed a bit unnecessary. Part of the shock of the original is finding out that the killer in the first few scenes is a little boy. I guess the majority of the audience watching this remake would already know that, so the shock is somewhat lost - although young Michael whacking the shit out of the school bully in the woods was certainly quite a shock to see. I felt like the final chase between Michael and Laurie in the house went on for ages. I ended up just skipping through it.
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