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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. I loved Kills and this is my most anticipated movie of 2022.
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  2. I haven’t looked for spoilers, but apparently they had another screening last week and the feedback is bad. I wonder if it included the footage from the reshoots. I’m curious for a proper trailer so I can have some peace of mind.
  3. BTG



    I have no faith in this movie at all.
  4. I’m starting to think this is gonna be delayed a year. Pretty much everything I’ve heard about it so far makes me think it’ll be garbage ddd.
  5. It can’t get any worse than Kills….can it
  6. Well Halloween Kills got glowing test screening results, so…

    Where’s the fucking trailer though?!? Summer is practically over and we don’t even have a teaser, a poster, not even a BTS still.
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  7. They had the first screening last night and it got mixed reactions.
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  9. Keep it.
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  10. The way Kills dampened my excitement to the point that I’m actively hoping that this will be terrible. At least after release we won’t have to hear Jamie say trawma ever again.
  11. Kills had potential but went too far out of its way to miss the mark and was RIDDLED with mindblowingly bewildering screenwriting. But it’s a “middle movie”!!!1 Yeah not an excuse for a steaming pile of garbage. I have no hope for Ends and won’t bother seeing it in theaters..

    The immaculate ending of Halloween 2018 was clearly a fluke.
  12. It makes sense to have this launch around the same time as Comic-Con and the release of Nope.
  13. Yeah, I've never understood the "it's a middle movie" excuse. Even if you're preparing a trilogy from the get go, the storytelling must not get hampered in the process, every film should work by itself and the second movie should never be "just a bridge" to get to a finale. That's like, short-sighted writing. And it's literally what happened with Kills, filling a movie with fodder makes the viewer feel cheated on.
  14. You won't beat the H20 finale for me, anyway.
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  15. That's the thing, they weren't. H40 was supposed to be a one off 'final word' on Laurie & Michael, but it did so well they suddenly started saying "ah well yes we have two more ready to go of course!"
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  16. Well even if its garbage, I’m still very excited. I’m loyal to Ms M Audrey Myers, I can’t help it. Even the worst franchise entry (Resurrection) I’ve watched a dozen times. And I hope another studio snaps up the rights after Ends and starts making new movies immediately.
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  17. I’m going to spoiler tag this, but it isn’t a big spoiler for those who worry about that sort of thing. It’s a character name and the actor who plays that character and reveals their place in the film, which will apparently be divisive.

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  18. I’m very excited and only mildly concerned by the claims that Ends is really “weird” and “different”.

    Although I am worried by the number of different rumours that say

    Michael isn’t in the movie, either that much or at all.

    as there’s no smoke without fire and there’s just so many of them.
  19. What a time to bring in a new, important character: The last film.

    Oyyyy this series has become a headache.
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  20. I agree that it’s an odd time to introduce anyone. It reminds me of the last Star Wars movie where it was obvious they didn’t have any plans for the trilogy. Now with Lindsay returning, you can justify it a little if the character is connected to hear, but I doubt it knowing them.
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