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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. There is a reason you're still on pause!
  2. How about if Sidney Prescott died?
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  3. This makes me hopeful a little
  4. BTG


    This isn’t that original sequel plan though right? They changed their minds on what they wanted the conclusion to be after the production of Kills and have added the time skip etc, so we’re getting what we’re getting now.

    Viewer Anon suggested that everything changed while Halloween Kills was waiting to be released during Covid and they came up with this new idea. It’s why they had to cut the original ending of Kills because that implied it would all conclude on the one Halloween night in 2018.
  5. 8C74E297-C94B-4389-9F8B-683832F776D2.jpeg
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  6. This make a lot of sense. So without the events of Kills, at the end of H18, Laurie truly believes she’s killed Michael, so off she goes, living her best life for four years, buying a new house, writing her book, getting her highlights done. Then, the Corey events happen, very similar to how Michael started, so Laurie is triggered and becomes invested again. Then she finds out that Michael didn’t die, he crystallised…. heading to the final battle. Which all sounds great. But they didn’t really need to kill off Karen as its had no impact on any of this.
  7. The time jump was never in any of the original plans, because they changed what they had written during Kills’ post production.

    Like the good sis @BTG said, the ‘extended cut’ ending was the original one, and would lead into the opening of Ends, but they changed that and then waffled on about it occurring in a post-covid landscape.

    This will be an absolute train wreck, but despite that it is still exciting to be getting a new Halloween film, even if it is going to derail the whole franchise.
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  8. Jason found laughing at the bottom of Crystal Lake.
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  9. Screenshot_20220720-104204_Twitter~2.jpg
    For anyone this is a big spoiler how Corey begins
  10. The gays who have remained spoiler free and only watched the trailer which doesn't contain a single shot of him, when Corey turns up and is revealed as the lead:

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  11. LMAO! I do feel the general public (and reviewers) will be confused by the Corey thing, because you know the trailers are going to focus mainly on Laurie and probably Allyson.
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  12. I feel this Corey character will be this movie's Tina or Busta Rhymes or Tommy Doyle from Kills.

    Who invited you Corey?!

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  13. Bet he'll spend the movie trying to convince everyone Michael is real then end up dying because final boys aren't a thing. Then Laurie and Allyson will model walk into the scene and blow him the fuck away.
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  14. The fact that his name is...Corey.

    Also, they go from diluting Michael down to an abstract concept at the end of Kills and the next logical step narratively is...a copycat killer storyline?
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  15. The way the trailer was just from one scene. This will be another hot mess but I’m sadistically here for it. Kills was…so bad. Give me more!
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  16. It makes me curious what the next trailer will look like. They'll have to expand past this one scene and I'm curious how they'll do that.
  17. The fact that they had to supplement with footage from the original Halloween makes me believe the next trailer will just be the Silver Shamrock commercial and then the director himself saying, "Hey, remember this happened??"
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  18. I’m avoiding spoilers and the trailer but the thread has me uneasy. Then again, I loved Kills.
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  19. This is going to be a flaming hot turd but I'll be in the theater just to see Jamie Lee Curtis in a blue outfit like the clown that I am.
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  20. I do not know what a Cory is, other than an annoying man I have been texting who I would like to murder, and I am not excited to find out.

    That said, the trailer... wasn't awful, despite it showing absolutely nothing, and I fully expect to go into this with the lowest of expectations.
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