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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. Amazon pushing the official Ends novelisation on me already…
  2. H20 seeing Laurie's hand nearly go into the kitchen sink waste disposer in the Ends trailer -

  3. I need to complete my collection, so will definitely be buying this. Please respect my privacy at this time.
  4. This is probably going to kill the franchise, at least for the next 5 years.

    And honestly? It should.

  5. Same as last year. Halloween Ends will be theatrical and on Peacock, October 14th.
  6. BTG


    That dual release… The lack of faith.

    This kind of advertising is ahem, interesting.
  7. Odd choice since Kills made a lot of money at the box office with a dual release.
  8. Evil sharts tonight. I'm just ready for this to be put out of its misery.
  9. It made sense last time with COVID still a major issue and the box office struggling, but this is a weird move. I mean, I'd likely go see this in theaters if it was my only option, but given how shit the last movie was, I'm a lot more likely to just stream this now. I think a lot of people will do the same.
  10. It isn't odd when you look at Peacock subscriber base and the lackluster content they have, they need to put it all there.

    I am, just like most of you, just waiting for this to end, pun intended, the script leaks and the bad taste Kills left on me are not a good combo, I guess I will always root for Jamie Lee and her ambition to close things up, but now I'm kinda wondering what could they do with this franchise moving forward, maybe some new blood and new ideas.
  11. They really do just want this done and dusted now, don't they? No extended campaign, from theatre to later digital release. Just chuck it out and be done with it. I have no doubt now that this will be absolutely god awful. I can't wait to see it.
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  12. This looks like the cover for a terrible tie in fighting game that I would totally buy or at least play for free on Playstation Plus!
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  13. Damn Peacock must really be struggling.
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  15. When Peacock announces that they're doing a Halloween: Ultimate Girl's Trip with Jamie Lee Curtis, Kyle Richards, Judy Greer, Danielle Harris and Miss Michael Myers going to Bluestone Manor and Dorinda goes off at Michael for eating a macaroon at the Fish Room.
  16. 0F801CE1-6075-4827-8D11-2177DDC9B585.jpeg

    This film feels like a “choose your own adventure” book at this point.
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  17. That would be one way to please the fans - create your own ending!
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  18. Duel releases (especially on a smaller steaming service) are such a weird move when it makes the movie widely available to be pirated in HD quality from day one. At least give the movie a one week head start in theatres...
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