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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. BTG


    The number of kills is also roughly known:

    Michael - 3 or 4
    Corey - 13 or 14

  2. Corey said to Michael[​IMG] just take it easy, hun!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I'm just ready to go see this movie. I feel it's freeing knowing that the buzz is subdued for the film. I have no desire to seek out spoilers and am just going in to see Michael Myers. I hope my lowered expectations make me enjoy it a bit more.

    On another note...we've seen many horror franchises go to tv. With them doing the Peacock release for the sequels as well, how would yall feel about a Halloween tv series? I think it could work. I look at Chucky, which is fan-fricking-tastic and should never have worked. If they can create a young cast that dynamic I could see it being a really interesting 8-10 episode series. The only problem with it being a tv series is that I can see them wanting to over explain why Michael is the way he is, but I do think it could be a strong reboot/remake.
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  5. David Gordon Green and Danny McBride sending the script to Blumhouse


  6. Final Trailer
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  7. Have they managed to salvage something after all? It looks a little more in keeping with the old style slow stalking MO than kill everything in sight.
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  8. It’s going to be the best film ever made.

  9. Uno


    That trailer shows a pretty big spoiler, I think?

    The person she rips the mask off of has brown hair and clearly was not Michael.
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  10. She doesn't want to repeat the error she made in Resurrection.
  11. Does Lindsey’s bar stock Casa Del Sol?
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  12. Oh and if that is the new theme with the violins, it’s stunning.
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  13. according to vieweranom that’s Michael!
  14. It’s actually…

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  15. BTG


    I’ll take my two Lindsay scenes and bounce.

  16. Looks shit, can’t wait.
  17. The true gay icon's impact!

  18. He’s full of shit.
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  19. I guess the cheque cleared

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