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The Halloween Franchise

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by silkandskin, Oct 18, 2018.

  1. I honestly am expecting this to be abysmal. I hope it’s somewhat enjoyable.

    I absolutely loathed ‘Kills’. Halloween 2018 was such a fantastic reboot.
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  2. I feel like I should rewatch the previous two ahead of this one, but Kills marks the most miserable & traumatic filmgoing experience of my life, and I’m not sure I have it in me to revisit it.
  3. So far I've only watched Halloween, Halloween 2, Halloween 2018 and Halloween Kills. I really liked the original and think I liked the second one but I don't remember it much. I posted my reactions to the other two in the Horror films thread, so ill just quote those here:
    I am going to watch Ends on Peacock unless I end up getting someone to see it with me in theaters, which I doubt will happen. I'm hoping it's at least better than Kills. That's all I really want.
    Eventually I am going to watch all of the original series, but I'll probably watch H20 first since it's well-loved and a different time-line.
    Not sure I'll ever watch the remakes ddd.
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  4. The trailers for the movie look great honestly. Even stylistically it's looking more in line with what I personally want in a Halloween movie. Having said that it's hard to get super excited if you've heard any of the plot leaks and how much they fumbled Kills. Even if the movie ends up being a hot mess I hope they at least tie up Laurie's arc better then they did with Resurrection.
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  5. I think this will be a little better than Kills, but only just.
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  6. About to re-watch Kills and hoping I can enjoy it more this time. The entire forum be like

  7. I'm re-watching 5, 6, Resurrection and the Rob Zombie movies before I see this film. I feel like that will guarantee I enjoy this.
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  8. [​IMG]
  9. My recent rewatch of Resurrection and RZH2 on Netflix were wholly unsuccessful. They’re the only two entries I really struggle to get through to the end.

    Part 5 is great after Tina dies and the scenes were Jamie is running around the sprawling Myers mansion are wonderful and better than Halloween 6’s entire run. But that mask, it’s unforgivable.

    I am hoping ENDS perches itself in that top half:
    1. Halloween 78
    2. Halloween 18
    3. Halloween H20
    4. Halloween 2
    5. Halloween 4
    6. Halloween Kills
    7. Halloween 3
    8. Rob Zombie’s Halloween
    9. Halloween 6
    10. Halloween 5
    11. Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2
    12. Halloween Resurrection
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  10. Very excited for my Kills rewatch next week as we go through the series again. My boyfriend banned it after the fifth watch so I’ve been waiting for a reason to legitimately put it on again.
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  11. Your deranged ass has watched Kills....FIVE times???? There is no hope left.
  12. Dorinda by name Dorinda by nature
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  13. When Ms. Myers asks for a shot of her friend's Kendall Jenner 818 Tequila Reposado.
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  14. Yeah Kills still kinda sucked for me. I do like a few things still (mainly Kyle's bag o' bricks) yet I disliked it even more this re-watch. How they did Marion dirty still irritates me. At least we still have her slaying in H20. "Didn't anyone tell you, second hand smoke kills" "Yeah but their all dead". I mean they didn't even have her vape in Kills. Homophobic.
  15. It's pretty telling how there is zero buzz, no trending on social media, no reviews, and barely any press. Even this thread hasn't been updated in two days and the film opens next week.

    A very bad sign.
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  16. Not this going wildly viral

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  17. I have just finished the Producer's Cut of Part 6 and holy shit this is awful!!!!!!!! The director's cut is one of my favorite sequels to revisit but I either completely blacked out most of this Producer Cut or truly had never seen it. Seeing Michael participate in a ritual/ceremony like he does in this is truly a franchise low.
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  18. It's impossible not to appreciate how much she loves talking about Laurie + the films

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  19. My tickets are BOOKED.

  20. Jamie could have her own talk show no doubt.
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