The Halloween Franchise

Maybe this year I'll give Season of the Bitch one more try but thats it.

Do it or you get Kyle's bag of bricks again!!
I won’t be watching the new movie as it sounds rubbish.

I was wondering though if there will be anymore Halloween films after this or are they done for good?
Season of the Witch is genuinely unsettling. The weird trailer too is creepy in the best possible way, especially the human eyes in the mask at the end. The music, direction, weirdness of the movie. I love it all.

'The night no one comes home' is kind of a brilliant nod to the original Halloween tagline and great foreshadowing of the actual plot? I'd be interested in a definitive version of the movie since there's stuff cut from it that's present in the trailer, if I remember correctly.
It does beg the question - what was the point of this new trilogy? If this is how they decided to end it all... why bother? I don't feel they really did anything that made these movies worthwhile.

For me, the true demise of Michael and ending of Laurie's story is in H20. Fuck Resurrection. The way Laurie is written in H20 is so much more believable than in Halloween 2018. The 2018 movie really makes no sense. H20's version of Laurie is a lot more realistic as to how someone would be coping after such trauma. Yes, they'd be struggling mentally, probably fucking up their family/love life, probably have some type of addiction. No, they wouldn't have an underground prison in their kitchen and be using mannequins to practice shooting.

Anyway, I honestly have no idea how they will revamp/reboot/continue on the Halloween series now. Clearly, they cannot continue on from Halloween Ends so they either need to do another remake (please, no) or they need to pick things up from another timeline.

Considering they have so many timelines now, I think they should just embrace it and be like ''yep, we are going to pick up from the end of Halloween 4 and tell you the story of what actually happened to Jamie Lloyd''.
Apparently Blumhouse only had the rights to the franchise for 3 films and they've now reverted back to Malek Akkad who owned them before so I wouldn't be surprised if there was another reboot at some point. Especially considering how much money the 2018 film made. I'd be very surprised if Jamie came back. They could easily do something without Laurie Strode though. Take it back to basics. Masked serial killer escapes from hospital and stalks babysitters on Halloween.
I went into this without spoilers and I'm still shocked at what a misstep it was. It made me think Kills had great moments in comparison, and I didn't even like Kills! But at least that one had great callbacks and the direction shined every now and then.

This one honestly didn't even know it was a Halloween movie for long periods of time. Which it doesn't have to be bad per se, but not for the entry that is meant to be the culmination of the storyline.

This is...a short film to which they added 1h of unrelated footage before in order to put it in the cinema.
I would imagine a prequel is what's next. Or some sort of alternate reimagining of the first film told from a different perspective (which is something they've already touched upon).

I think I'd prefer that and/or an anthology over more retconned timelines where Michael lives in the present day. If this trilogy covered one thing it was what does that look like. I really don't think I can take another modern timeline.

The thought of Halloween Lives where JLC returns and they say they got the wrong guy is genuinely frightening. Maybe they should make that film.
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