The Halloween Franchise

Yeah, if anything I think it's probably easier to remake it again and just have Michael being tracked by Sam Loomis. Leave out any other 'legacy' characters or storylines. But, if they go that route I don't think anyone will touch the Halloween franchise for sometime.
I watched 2018 and Kills this weekend and both honestly hit the spot for a fun seasonal romp. The dialogue in Kills? Laurie in Kills? Everyone except Lindsay in Kills? Tragic. But it’s fun!

2018 showed so much promise though. The bathroom stall scene, the motion sensor light scene, the final stalk in Laurie’s house - all such tense and satisfying moments.
2018 had plenty of great moments I just thought the dialogue and the way they chose to write Laure was off.
Kills certainly had the kills and I preferred Laurie in this one but again the dialogue was awaful.
Ends actually had much better dialogue, I much preferred Laurie it's just not the story people were after. That said, I think you can easily watch that one as a stand-alone movie and it works quite well.

H20 is still my go-to for the proper end of the series.
“A24 leading the bidding war for the rights to the Halloween franchise….”


“… to develop a TV series”

When I heard Peacock was doing a Friday the 13th tv series I wasn’t excited until I heard the plan and saw they got Bryan Fuller and A24. With Miramax getting the rights I can’t say I have the same excitement, but we will see.

They’re being ambitious to try to do films and tv. I feel like both could work, but I’m curious who the creative team will be.

I still say Halloween Ends would’ve worked much better as a limited series than it did as a movie. I’m happy the franchise is continuing but as a fan it’s hard to know what we can expect. The swings are always so big with this franchise.