The Halloween Franchise

Halloween '78- I mean what's there to say? That was a classic, that was a classic

2- Love how it continues right from the original. Still has that amazing atmosphere of the firstl but with sluggish pacing. The brother thing was not needed and the fact that Laurie doesn't find out is bad writing. Solid overall.

3- I don't care that Michael's not in in but I'm sorry it's a snoozefest. Great score though.

4- The made for TV version of Halloween. Some great, likable characters. Michael looks his worst here. Those shoulder pads! Very dumb and cheesy. Still a pretty great slasher overall though. The roof scene! Yes!

5- Mess! What they did with Rachel is unforgivable. Michael crying doesn't get dragged enough! The car chase and laundry shoot scenes are it's only real saving grace.

6- Love the dark, gloomy vibes of this one. One of the scariest versions of Michael. It's a very good Halloween movie until the final act. I said what I said.

H20- The most entertaining and re-watchable. I love how fast paced this is and how the final act is one long chase/action scene. Technical blunders aside (sloppy editing, the masks, the Scream score) this is pretty great and the best version of Laurie.

Resurrection- Fuck offfffff

RZ's Halloween- Mr. Zombie taking what made the original so good and doing the opposite......a choice!

RZ's Halloween 2- Wonderful cinematography but man what an annoying ass movie to site through. Not my Loomis ect...

Halloween 2018- They got Michael so right with this one but the script could have used a few more passes. Still a very solid start to what became a mess.

Kills- What a massive disappointment. Aside from Lindsey's bag of bricks this movie is awfully written. They did the legacy characters so dirty.

Ends- I like the look and vibes of this one yet them not at least introducing Corey in Kills is a massive blunder. Better then Kills but very misguided.

Thanks for dealing with my Ted Talk.
I watched H40/2018 earlier in the week.

It starts out so well but after the scene with the motion detector light, it kinda just gets boring (save for "gotcha!")

That tracking shot as he rampages through houses had the reminiscent feels the whole thing should've had. And the Vicky/Julian scenes remain perfect.