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The Halsey Rate™ | #13 - "The Weeknd says hi"

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by aux, Apr 13, 2020.


What is Halsey's best album?

  1. Room 94

    1 vote(s)

    8 vote(s)
  3. hopeless fountain kingdom

    14 vote(s)
  4. Manic

    22 vote(s)
  1. Okay this one hurts
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  2. I was scared.

    I was facepalming myself in a state of embarrassed cringe.


    I am so sorry, everyone. ddd

    I love 'Experiment On Me' so much, that it sends my brain into a manic mess of meltdown. When I realized I had the the chance to write about it, I really didn't even know how to approach it. So, y'all got that mess. (I almost just made a Keynote.)

    Anyways, I'm still processing how much I love this song with each listen... and probably will be for awhile. I'm sad it's out, but glad it at least got to an 8 average.

    A more articulate PJ forum member would've just gave it their 11 & wrote the last line of my dissertation.
    - - "There is pure genius in this woman."
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  3. Your commentary was excellent to read. I enjoyed it very much
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  4. The Y chromosome thing is definitely an interesting take but I think it's wildly accepted now that prevalent toxic and abusive male behavior is learned rather than innate right?

    Experiment On Me was definitely not one of the songs I thought of when @aux said a single was next. There are many songs still in that should have left before this. I'm scared for my 11 now.
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  5. Thanks!

    I really enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts on this one & was so happy it got 3 11's. My two month promo campaign failed to get 'Experiment On Me' on the PJCharts earlier this year, but there is still time to make things right. I most certainly gave it a heap of points in my mid-year 'best of' ballot.

    Yeah. It was always considered a kind of a fringe pseudo-science take by many. All of the genetic study stuff is such a moving target, though. Science has just scratched the surface.

    My sister is a doctor & would always roll her eyes at me & get into mini-debates when I would go off a XY/chromosome tangent in the early 2000s. I do find it an interesting premise still, though. I fully come down on the side of learned behavior being responsible for a lot of male toxicity, but the computer science part of my brain is fascinated with the idea of 'flawed programming' at a chromosome level.

    Halsey, breaking the conversation wide open! There's soooo much to that song.
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  6. Some observations:

    Y'all doing Youth dirty when it sounds like it could be straight out of a Fueled By Ramen act ddd. So good.

    My good sis @aux noting our overlap in score as OG Little Halsenauters and being the only real ones to know Tokyo Narita is a 10.

    No one mentioned it but the intro to Young God being reversed had my basic pretentious gay ass SHOOK. For reference:

    Castle is genuinely poor and I low-key had a moment of backlash anti-fannery when she was getting big-ish and released it in conjunction with that Snow White movie and was just so at odds with her career at the time dddd.

    Boy With Luv was one of the best releases of its year @eccentricsimply and I personally stan it as a fan of underrated soft boy aesthetics in k-pop.

    Experiment On Me leaves me a bit eh just because I've been more of a pop-punk gay than a rock gay.
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  7. You guys....what? No!
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  8. Farewell, Experiment On Me. I was dreading its elimination, and beating myself up for not giving it a 10. I'm happy it managed to go this far, at least. I hope it won't be the last we hear from Screamshley, and with the way pop and rock have been crossing each other's paths lately, it's likely we'll get a full release in that realm at some point. Let me dream.

    @pop3blow2 Your write-ups are always a blast to read. I enjoy them so much so don't feel embarassed for pouring out your love for something in such an in-depth way! The connections made between acts of different genres and to past readings... honestly, that's the kind of stuff that made me join Popjustice in the first place.

    And thanks @slaybellz for mentioning my rock faves Enter Shikari. I wasn't expecting this either nn.
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  9. The Other Girl is a gorgeous song. I still need to listen to that album (but I haven't had the time and energy yet.)
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  10. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Well there goes my 11. Going into the rate, it seemed very obvious to me that my 11 would go to Nightmare... and then every time I listened to Experiment On Me, it seemed like it was basically everything I loved about Nightmare turned up to its absolute maximum limit. I knew it was never going to win (I didn't foresee it missing the Top 20 but I guess #25 is close enough), especially as it doesn't carry the same weight of a song that is included on an album or released separately as a single with a video, but it just felt right to give Experiment On Me the boost over Nightmare (which I'm sure is going to make it very far regardless).

    I continue to pray that we eventually get an album from Halsey with 11 Minutes/Nightmare/Experiment On Me as the template.
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  11. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    It's not worth it ddd.

    Listen to her second album Unapologetically instead! It's kind of like the Teenage Dream of country albums, but nobody knows it because its singles run was like if Capitol decided to release Pearl and Who Am I Living For as singles over Teenage Dream and ET.
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  12. Drive is a great little song, but never been one of my faves. I gave it a 9.25. I love the production, especially the acoustic and electric guitars, and the chorus really makes the song great, and the post-chorus is really good too. I also love the addition of the car sounds and stuff, really great element to include. It's just really good to me rather then great, so I'm not mad it's out, and would've been okay with it leaving a little earlier, as I don't think it should've been top 30.
    I love the other girl! It's such a great combination of Halsey's sound with a bit of a more country base in the production. The chorus is A+ to be honest, and yes the pre-chorus is amazing. They sound perfect together, and again, Halsey shows she works great with country music, so I wouldn't mind a full album in that vein after the rock one. Honestly, I wouldn't be upset about a "sequel song" where they like, kill the guy or something ala Carrie's Two Black Cadillacs as well. Make it happen queens.
    *Sigh* I was really hoping Heaven In Hiding would make the top 20. It was an automatic fave when I first listened to the album. The intro instrumental is just so interesting, and the stomping beat that comes in with the first verse is exactly the kind of thing I love. The drums throughout are perfect, and the melody on the verse, while a little basic maybe, is extremely catchy. Then that chorus comes in and I just - I ascend. it's perfect. She sounds amazing, and it feels so big and dramatic, and I fuck with that so much. I love the melody as well, and how different it is from the verses. If I forced myself to sit down and write-up out a top 10, I'm pretty sure this song would make it. Y'all suck.
    How the hell is Experiment On Me not top 20? I thought we loved Rocksley! It's just such a monster of a song. It goes for the jugular and never lets up. I think my favorite part of the production is that insane and intense electric guitar, especially in the verses that just supports her vocals throughout. The bridge is serious moment in her entire discography and I stan every time it comes on. It was used perfectly in the movie. Deserved better. I think others have said everything I haven't - loved reading what you wrote @pop3blow2.

    These are the songs I'd be happy to see miss the top 20. Don't come for me, these are all 9.5 and above:
    Ghost (It's great but y'all are boosting it cause it was her "official" debut single and you know it.)
    Now Or Never (wasn't always the 10 it is now for me, so I won't be mad if it leaves.)
    Walls Could Talk (I don't expect it to last much longer really.)
    killing boys (It's great, wonderful etc. but also too short.)

    Watch none of these go and have me be pissed though.
  13. All three of these should make the Top 10 though.
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  14. Nah. If there's any justice in this forum, the top 10 should be:
    Bad At Love
    Strangers (feat. Lauren Jauregui)
    You Should Be Sad
    Without Me

    That was easier then I thought it would be.
  15. Colors
    Haunting (you heard me)
    Bad At Love
    Without Me
    You Should Be Sad

    A top 10.
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  16. I would certainly approve of this one as well.
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  17. Without Me in any top 10 list? A dystopia.

    Bad at Love
    Finally / Beautiful Stranger (it's just not realistic...)
    Roman Holiday
    Walls Could Tak
    You Should Be Sad
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  18. You got a like for including my 11, as well as Finally // beautiful stranger (which yes, isn't realistic) BUT Without Me is a great song, and absolutely deserved being her biggest hit.
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  19. Alone in the top 10? Not with the score I gave it!
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  20. I can say the same for Without Me!
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