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The Halsey Rate™ | THE FINALE

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by aux, Apr 13, 2020.


What is Halsey's best album?

  1. Room 94

    2 vote(s)

    8 vote(s)
  3. hopeless fountain kingdom

    13 vote(s)
  4. Manic

    25 vote(s)
  1. Be Kind is a great pop song. The production is honestly perfect, so kudos to Marshmello for doing that I guess, and Halsey's voice is beautiful. Love the melodies as well, especially the chorus. It's ridiculously catchy, and I love the lyrics.
    killing boys is iconic for the movie sample alone, but it is a perfect sister song to those mentioned. I love the drums in the production, and the verse melody is probably one of the best things about it, which is really saying something, and the lyrics are great too. Plus the ending goes AWF. The only problem I have with it, and the reason I took .25 of is unlike Walls Could Talk, I think it being so short works against it rather then for it.
    With that out, I only have 10s and my 11 left, so let me celebrate that, cause an all-10 top 10 in a rate for me is actually kinda rare.
    Walls Could Talk is the only acceptable kingdom elimination right now.
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  2. Guy


  3. I've changed my MIND okay?! Ddddd I wouldn't be mad if it made it, but I gave all the hopeless tracks left a 10 ddd, and that like was before I knew how many 10s I would be giving, and how many would make it this far.
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  4. I have absolutely no idea why Walls Could Talk is still here. Especially over songs like Haunting and 100 Letters.
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  5. There's no way my 11 is making it past tomorrow
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  6. Not "Killing Boys" being eliminated exactly one elimination after I called it as the next elimination, thus breaking my streak. Ugh.
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  7. aux






    Highest - 10 x8 (@Music Is Life, @enjoy, @sexercise, @Ashling92, @soratami, @Rem, @fatyoshi, @aux) / 9.5 x4 (@Dangerous Maknae, @RainOnFire, @Babyface, @Jonathan27) / 9.25 x1 (@tea)

    Lowest - 4.5 x1 (@savilizabeths) / 5 x2 (@Subwaykid, @Hurricane Drunk) / 6 x2 (@Crisp X, @junkos)

    @aux's score - 10

    I know I keep making this rate all about me, far more than I did with The Robyn Rate, but fuck it, I have a story about this song and I want all attention on me. I used to really dislike this, I am not exactly sure why, but I found the song a bit tired and unoriginal. Then, one night, after losing one of the closest friendships I've ever had, I scoured YouTube for music to cheer me up and take my mind off things. Then the acoustic version of the song showed up on my feed. Girls, the weeping, the tears. It is one of the most gorgeous vocal takes from her, an absolutely divine rendition. I may or may not be crying writing this listening to it again, simply because it takes me back to those days so vividly. The message of the song is unoriginal, but the way one can hear her heartbreak through those vocals in the stripped version... Perfection. It's a shame the album version sounds like that, because the tired lyrics of the song and the The Weeknd by the numbers production ain't the tea.

    Speaking of The Weeknd, he "co-wrote" this, although Halsey clarified he only worked on the melody of the song, rather than the lyrics, which explains a lot. @slaybellz (7) tries to be shady, writing "The Weeknd says hi." Similarly, @Babyface (9.5) brings Abel as well, commenting "Hang on, bitch it’s the serve. This is basically just Halsey doing her best Weeknd cosplay (which makes sense since he co-wrote it) but damn does she pull it off well. The stripped version is absolutely gorgeous too, they could have made a really good single campaign out of this bop."

    @tea (9.25) appears to be on his own world adoring this song, commenting "lovely vocal delivery, lush production, lovely outro!" I agree about the outro and the vocal delivery being particularly special.

    @livefrommelbs (8.5) feels sort of similarly to how I feel about this track, commenting "This one fits squarely in the sort of sound that I a) consider to be Halsey at the height of her powers; and b) am immediately taken back to a certain time in my life by. Hits hard." I'm not sure I agree about point one, considering we know Halsey can do far better, but I definitely agree about point two. @Ashling92 (10) also remembers of a point in her life, writing "A contender for my 11. This is definitely one of my favourite Halsey songs, but luckily I don’t relate to it the way I used to a couple of years ago..." The good news is that we're both out of that place, sending you a big hug from London.

    @pop3blow2 (8.3) compares this to the preceding track, writing "The opposite of 100 Letters here. I like this tune and track more, but the lyrics are whatever." I think this is similar to how @Crisp X (6) feels, who comments "More of the same and I never seem to remember how it goes afterwards. I appreciate the guitar riff but then the synth sweeps bury it instead, making the song sound like a Badlands leftover. Missed opportunity." Listen to the acoustic version which fixes all of that.

    To close off, @Aidan (8) gives a comment that has one particular section that I really want to take out of context because it's perfect for a dumb joke, he writes "Quite a dark, brooding song. I’m a sucker for a throbbing, wobbly bass line and this has one in it so it’s good in my eyes."

    Here is the acoustic version I've been referring to for most of the write-up.


    An album track takes a hit.

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  8. Oop I didn't know The Weeknd was actually involved in the song so yes I was trying to be shady.
  9. I think watching that acoustic performance was my first step in transitioning from a Halsey hater to a Halsey stan. The power that it has.
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  10. aux


    To be honest, I’ve found that most of her acoustic versions are better than the originals.

    This is a vinyl rip from the hopeless fountain kingdom boxset, I need her to put it on streaming immediately.

    This one is perfect, up until the new bridge, which is somehow even more corny than the original.

    These final two are probably her best so far... just perfect. Her voice was on top form, and the instrumentation was divine. I’d kill for her to do all of her albums in this style.

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  11. So the next pool of candidates is...

    Roman Holiday
    Walls Could Talk

    right? I'll say Roman Holiday (a 10 though) but these are all excellent
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  12. This naive confidence in 'Killing Boys' commentary that I would 'get it together' enough to write about 'Experiment On Me'.

    I just love 'Killing Boys'. Whether it really connects to 'Experiment On Me', at all... who knows, but I couldn't shake some of their shared thematics, once I fell down the rabbit hole of 'Experiment'. Those two songs just make me think she's vibrating on another frequency than some of her contemporaries. (Also, my beloved Manic Street Preachers are known to use tons of spoken work clips from movies, tv, & more in their music... so the Jennifer's Body clip just made already great song on Manic, even more amazing.)
  13. Alone and Colors are my only scores left under an 8 so things are about to get messy.
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  14. Ddd these are literally my top 2 Halsey. I guess this is the part of the rate where it really hurts.
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  15. I meant messy for me ddd. I know i'm most likely in the minority here.
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  16. Well I love The Weeknd so me loving this song should come as no surprise ddd. I really do adore Eyes Closed, probably because as mentioned I could really relate to it - as I can relate to a lot of Halsey songs about failed/toxic relationships. And even though I’ve moved on and am in an actual drama free relationship now, it’s hard to forget the way you felt.

    I think this should’ve stayed a bit longer. Especially over Alone and Walls Could Talk
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  17. to me Eyes Closed is great but top 10 material she is not
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  18. tea


    First time hearing those acoustic versions, wow a serve. Eyes Closed vocals are DIVINE. Graveyard's really benefits from the slower tempo, it sounds a lot less clunky. You Should Be Sad highlights the vulnerability and wide display of emotion in the lyrics a lot more. Shes such an emotive performer.

    Bring on the acoustic album Ashley!
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  19. What this last page is making me realize is how much I want MTV Unplugged to be revived just so Halsey can be invited for a live set.
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