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The Handmaid's Tale

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Meathook, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Continuing on Elisabeth Moss's great career choices (not so much on her choices of beliefs) - I'm ready to dive into this.

    I loved the book and loved her in Top Of The Lake / Mad Men.

    First three episodes are already on Hulu. Reviews are overwhelmingly positive. Discuss.

  2. Not wishing to derail the thread but I do find it hard to reconcile my love for Scientologist artists (Beck springs to mind)...
  3. Well, let's hope she finally comes to her senses like Ms Remini did. That goes the same for Beck (which I own every single of).

    Anyhoo, just finished episode 1 - this is very bleak (as expected) but extremely intriguing. How in the world does a younger Alexis Bedel actually looks older than Moss - that's something I'll never understand.
  4. This not getting a UK release isn't cute, fix it @Hulu.
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  5. My favourite book!
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  6. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I believe Lizzie was born into Scientology...? I give those people slightly more leeway.
  7. I know it's not streaming in the UK but I hope it comes there soon; this is important television and something everyone should watch.

    Alexis Bledel is unforgettable in episode 3.
  8. I resubscribed to Hulu just to catch up with this.
    I like that they didn't need a massive budget for world building, and it's still effectively frightening. I had to pace myself.
  9. The first episode is INCREDIBLE!!!!

    That said, it was a lot to deal with, so I've taken a break before going on to the next episode.
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  10. Yeah the first episode was fantastic but it was heavy. I'll watch the other two episodes today but very promising so far. It's a shame Moss has come out with such questionable statements about the show though.
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  11. Just watched the first episode, a damn hard watch and yet I couldn't look away. Absolutely fantastic.
  12. I love the use of pop music in this show!

    I've been watching one episode a day since the day it premiered. This is going to be one of the best series of the year, isn't it?
  13. I'm really looking forward to this! I read the book in high school and it has suck with me ever since.
  14. What did she say actually? I'm kinda surprised she actually did a show so closely connected the nightmare that is a cult.
  15. Essentially she said that she was surprised people considered it a feminist story as it's about woman right which she says are just human rights so it's a 'human' story and that she didn't play Offred as a feminist. Basically she (and much of the rest of the cast) All Lives Matter'd the show and I'm honestly just so confused by it all.

    Not sure if it's a marketing angle or their actual views but the whole thing leaves a very bitter taste in my mouth. Feminism isn't some dirty word but she/they are certainly acting like it is. It's unfortunate.
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  16. I did a module on Feminist Lit at uni and my tutors would be mortified at anyone dissociating it with feminism. It's the holy grail.
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  17. They've all since clarified their comments, and I really don't think it matters much, fundamentally. It doesn't change the way the show was written and acted.
  18. I remember the film adaptation. It's very well made and powerful.
  19. I remember the 1990 film being quite disappointing. However, I thought Faye Dunaway was a great choice as Serena Joy.

    I find this version quite compelling. The music score is terrific and the show really turns up the tension.
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  20. The film does a job, but it doesn't feel as terribly grim as the book...
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