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The Handmaid's Tale

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Meathook, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. This last episode.... that death really fucked me up. Truly a fantastic show, I'm surprised to see that it's not very talked about here.
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  2. For those interested, here's the Israeli trailer for the finale :
    Under a spoiler tag, because it shows A LOT more than the Hulu promo!
    I can't wait but I'm gutted the season is already over. There's nothing better than this show on TV.
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  4. Same! I was actually disappointed with the first half of the season, thought it wouldn't live up to season 1, that now that there was no book to follow things would go downhill. But since the bombing it went back to being the best and definitely most important drama on TV.
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  5. Read the spoilers on Reddit even before episode 12, watched the promos just now, and...

    I wan't June to escape already, seriously. Elizabeth Moss is the heart of it all, but I just can't take her suffering anymore. The finale is, like, her third failed attempt. Imagine how betrayed those Marthas will feel. I'm glad at least the baby won't know the pain of growing up in such a fucked up country... unless, of course, they turn that into another failed attempt. I hope Alexis Bledel will show a less angry side of her character once she's out of Gilead. So much to unpack in her story. Did her wife move on? How do you deal with situational infidelity etc. That's probably on the table with June and Luke as well. I think I'd love another season, and that should be it, unless they decide to let her escape finally, and we see where we go from there.

    Going on a tangent here, but this show kind of takes an anti-surrogacy stance in an oblique way. It's funny, with Moira, it was shown as a normalized and lovely gesture, but when it comes to the children that the Handmaids gave birth to, the implication is that the Commanders and their Wives are incapable of raising them (putting aside the cruel way of how they got the children), with Charlotte being ill and being "magically cured" by Janine, and Holly wanting to be breastfed. It's kind of implying a "leave it to nature" kind of thing. Just something to think about.
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  6. The death was the closest I came to tearing up in the entire show.

    Also over the failed escapes. I'm shook at that other trailer. Lydia and Serena, omg. Emily, man.
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  7. I’m on episode 8, and the subplot with the neurosurgeon, who’s now a Martha, is stunningly emotional.
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  8. I can't wait for those of y'all who are unspoiled to see the finale. It's such a ride. Pour a fat glass of wine beforehand. Maybe a shot of whiskey. I was yelling at my TV the entire hour.
  9. Are you freaking kidding me?

    June! What the hell? You get the chance to get out for the third time and your ass stays behind? Ugh.

    Also, so glad it seems like Emily's getting out. She's such a badass.
    I was scared there. I wonder if that professor helped other handmaid's.

    I'm pissed Fred let them cut off Serena's finger. I always find it jarring that it's only been five years since Gilead's uprising and it seems like people hadn't generally read the Bible before? I know reading is forbidden and that others have read before, but...
  10. What the actual fuck. I'm speechless.
  11. I wonder if this is a show about June escaping or surviving the horrific circumstances any way she can, like the Walking Dead. It was the third time this season she almost escaped but didn't. I realize it was her own choice to go back this time but I'm a bit tired of being teased with release only to be yanked back.

    Also, I wonder if she could ever go back to the Waterfords without the baby or will have to live underground somehow. Is that even a thing?
  12. Well, that was brilliant.
    The only minor issue is the pacing. Finale was so packed with action it seemed a bit rushed because the rest of the season used much slower pacing. It would be better for the show to never again use "missed chance for escape" tool.

    Better make Aunt Lydia dead because if she survives it'd be just pointless.
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  13. I adored both season 1 & 2 but I think this show should end with season 3. I'm worried that it will turn into just another 'started out great' drama if it tries to stretch this story out for too long. I think this could be satisfyingly wrapped up with 13 more episodes.
  14. Yeah I agree. These shows don’t seem to understand that the longer shows go on, the more the quality suffers. One more season would be more than enough.
    June slapping Waterford was such a fucking moment. Emily stabbing Aunt Lydia.... Jesus fucking Christ. That was an intense and incredible hour of television, The Handmaid's Tale really is that show. That being said, I understand her refusing to escape obviously... Waterford gave her the opportunity to see her kid more. And imagine as a mother leaving your kid behind in that fucking hell. There's been some backlash with this finale but I truly understand her reasons and find them really reasonable. Now I'm just curious to see how she'll deal with Waterfords since the baby is gone.

    And her letting the name be Nichole is so adorable.
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  16. In both the book and the show's universes, rebel militias control portions of what used to be the United States—most of the border with Canada, most of Vermont, the Pacific coastline and the Gulf of Mexico area including all Florida, according to this map at the official finale viewing party. It'd be interesting if Season 3 explored the resistance, internal and external. We haven't seen much of Mayday or the Underground Femaleroad after all. I need June to go full terrorist.

    On the topic of the intent of the show, I remember Bruce Miller saying it is important for the writers that the story keeps being the tale of the handmaid, as in the book. We all yearn to see June free but an early happy ending would stagnate the narrative. The finale was perfect because it suggests a change of dynamics without sacrificing the main storyline and the cast. It is also true even small bits of the book offer a lot of possible new ground: the implied fall of Gilead, for example, the purges, the trials, the aftermath of war and genocide, the restoration of freedom would make for a satisfying last season, even without the handmaid.
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  17. I really hope next season goes somewhere. I'm not expecting some fairytale happy ending, just something new. I'd love to see more outside of June, even just a few episodes in between her own viewing. Canada's possible invasion or whatever they were talking about before, Mayday, the rest of the resistance. I think with the Marthas being involved in the escape and the Commanders Wives wanting their daughters to read the Bible along with the obvious defiance of the Handmaid's, there will be an uprising of some sort.
  18. Ok, but what was supposed to be June's motivation to stay behind? Bringing down Gilead? It seemed completely out of character and just a plot device to further the narrative of next season. Besides, what is she gonna do? Go back to the Waterford household? Serena will surely beat her ass
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  19. Sorry, I just remembered Fred made the promise that he would let her see Hannah. Anyways, I still didn't like the finale
  20. I took this from a person on the TVShowTime app.
    "I don't understand everyone wondering why she didn't leave. Things have changed. The first time around, she decided to leave Hannah behind, knowing she had no power to help her while still in Gilead. But now- now she has seen a Commander, risking it all to save Emily. She's seen an entire network of Marthas, able to get her all the way across the city under everyone's noses. Most of all - she saw the most powerful, privileged woman of Gilead, beaten, and mutilated by her own husband, and a sweet 15 year old turned in by her own zealot father. She probably thought before that at least Hannah had a chance at safety because she is now the daughter of an important household. But that illusion is now shattered as she realizes that even the privileged women of Gilead are in mortal danger. So now, I don't expect she'll go back to the Waterford's. I expect she'll lie low and reach out to the Marthas, maybe even Commander what's his name, and begin working underground to not only get her daughter out, but get many out and take down Gilead. It's already fracturing from the inside."
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