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The Handmaid's Tale

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Meathook, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. I didn't know they dropped 3 episodes at once. Gonna start watching today.
  2. Sam


    Holy shit, the cinematography in the first episode is fucking stunning.
  3. From what I remember, they always drop 3 episodes at the start of every season.

    I watched the first and am looking forward to watching the other two over the weekend.
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  4. Yvonne’s (Serena) has gone from strength the strength... highlight from the first 3 episodes for me. I want to give her a big hug... even though she is insanely evil hahaha!
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  5. I’m so happy to see Emily again.

    The phone call and when the car’s just stopped in traffic gave me so many feels. So did the scene where she was offered asylum.
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  6. "Maybe they aren't (using their bodies). Maybe men are just easily distracted."

    3 seasons in and I'm still like "YAS" every time there's a monologue or conversation involving Elizabeth Moss.
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  7. So how are the first 3 episodes? I should do other stuff but if they are incredible I might spend my time binging them.
  8. They're good. Not incredible, but good.

    I am starting to worry the show is sinking into misery porn like the Walking Dead, where the plot never truly progresses and it's just a succession of horrible things happening to the protagonists with the occasional punctuation of something positive. I hope they have a game plan for where it's going to go and how many seasons they want to make (I would end it at 5) cause I'm starting to get bored.
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  9. MTE. Watched these three episodes and I'm on the verge of rolling my eyes at June's thought process and actions. I'm still on board as long as this season leads her somewhere else.
  10. June frustrates me so much, how on earth is she getting away with things without consequences. Hoping she ends up on the wall before the end of the season and the story moves on without her.
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  11. I don't want her on the wall but this Martha resistance ring better lead somewhere. I cannot have another season of close calls only to end up right where we started AGAIN.

    Also, I'm shocked the Waterfords are still surviving. Serena's finger being cut off, their baby being kidnapped and their house burning down... HEW is Fred fucking and he still gets to keep his position?
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  12. The season premiere was great, loved it. Teared up with Emily being rescued by the Canada police.
  13. I think I'm completely over this now. I'll always have the excellent first season.
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  14. The second half of season 2 is excellent television. Those final episodes.... how can anyone not love that? June reuniting with her daughter is one of the best acted moments in television. Elisabeth is outstanding.
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  15. Yeah, I think season 2 was strong for the most part. The Canada episode is easily one of the very best. I think they kept up the quality very well despite stretching the story out.
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  16. Just finished the third ep. Though it was the most uneventful of the first batch, I do feel like we have a really interesting season ahead of us.
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  17. Thoughts on episode 4?
    Holy shit the waterworks. Emily's scenes are so good.
  18. Is the new series good then?
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  19. Sam


    I’m really enjoying it! Had a stellar start, and the acting is impeccable as always. I’m confident about the rest of the season
  20. Sam


    When I tell y’all that I sobbed when the phone cut off just as June said “I love you”. Fuck

    Serena really needs to just give up on the notion that Nicole was ever her baby. I hope she gets her act together and they team up soon
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