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The Handmaid's Tale

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Meathook, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. I'm just fucking done with Serena. I get they're trying to paint her as this multifaceted woman, but there's so much 'Oh she has turned on June!' moments I can handle. At this point, if there's no secret plan behind her most recent actions, I'd rather have June to destroy her instead of trying yet again being reasonable or kind. There's no time for kindness, this is Gilead.
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    I "enjoyed" the three episodes (as in, found it horrible, unsettling and awful) and Emily finally phoning her wife was really well done but not sure what to expect of the rest of the season really...
  3. I get the very legitimate criticism of this show -- the ponderousness, the endless closeups of Moss staring defiantly, the misery-porn, the wheel-spinning, the illogical premise of certain scenes. And, yet, after an episode or two, this season is really working for me. I found the most recent episode in DC an absolute stunner. The production elements (from the production design, cinematography to music) were a total knockout. There were so many powerful moments from...

    ...the first peek of the new Washington monument, to the first glimpse of the DC handmaidens' mouth cloaks, to that surprisingly candid moment when June asked Aunt Lydia if she truly wanted them all to be silenced, to that explosive encounter between June and Serena on the mall and then June finding resolve in the still visible hands of the Lincoln Memorial gripping the arms of the chair, to that almost transcendent moment of June kneeling in prayer in front of the hundreds of handmaidens. give me all that in one episode and I can overlook the flaws and inconsistencies.
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  4. Yeah, the latest episode was a knockout. It expanded the scale of the show in a way that was badly needed and as you mentioned, the scene with Aunt Lydia and the one with Serena were all time greats.
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  5. This episode was a serve. Several outstanding scenes.
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  6. One thing I don't get from the most recent episode, why would June be so upset that...

    ...Nick fought in the front in the past and that he was a supposedly good soldier? He's in Gilead, he either complies or he's killed. Being a good soldier doesn't necessarily mean he's a true believer, it might just means he knows how to survive. That said, if his character takes a dark turn, I'm here for it.
  7. I still haven't watched the new season. Can someone please tell me (without spoilers) if something finally happens in Gilead or is it always the same story with June "trying" to escape? I can't take another season like the first 2, as good as they are. I need something new.
  8. Maybe before Gilead was the establishment, fighting for them meant you were a zealot? That in addition to refusing to cooperate with the Swis showed he's not who June thought he was.
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  9. The crusade Serena reffered to was the overthrowing of American goverment, he was a terrorist.
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  10. I knew I should have read the book.
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  11. Not really. The high quality is still there and I still really like the show but there aren't many exciting things happening.
  12. Oh well... I may give it a chance in between Pose's episodes but I feel like the show started running in circles at the end of last season. It's still enjoyable but there's no evolution. I wish it went a bit more "political" and less focused on June.
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  13. I think this season is even less consequential than the others as June isn't even trying to escape anymore nn.
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  14. Ah! Thank you!
  15. Some of the plot points are soap opera level bad at this point. This show is so beautiful, but so frustrating. I think they should wrap it up soon, there's only so much wheel spinning a regular viewer can take.
  16. I’m really enjoying this series, and episode six just blew me away. I get some of the criticism, and it’s certainly not a satisfying watch, but that episode was stellar.

    I really am yearning for some pay off or catharsis at this point, but thematically it makes sense that it never seems to come.
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  17. She should have escaped in the van at the end of the last season.
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  18. You just know she would've if they cancelled the show. It's like the worst possible thing to tease such a release and then... oh wait, we have another season, let's keep her in.
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  19. I think they tried to have it both ways. Emily escapes to ~normal~ society, June stays behind to save her daughter and Serena shows signs of rebellion. Nevermind that everything has gone baco to business as usual.
  20. If she hadn't had that opportunity to see her daughter in the prior season, I would've found the season finale a total eye roll as well, but I can buy a mother staying behind to get her daughter after she's been given that sliver of hope...even though there's virtually no chance of that happening. I don't feel like the show has gone entirely back to business as usual. It feels like June's focus has shifted from personal escape to change from within and revolution (trademark, Bernard Sanders.)

    Even if there's just the tiniest chance she might smuggle her daughter out, she seems resigned to the fact that, short of the fall of Gilead, she's never getting out herself.

    I guess I've become a Hulu apologist.
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