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The Handmaid's Tale

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Meathook, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    I binged season two in the last week after only watching the first two episodes when it was on, and then went straight into season three, so I'm up to episode 4 now.

    I've reached the point of realising this show is nowhere near as good as it thinks it is. The constant close ups, the Moss Sneer every third scene, people not saying anything, the hazy gloom, the ludicrous fact that June is still even alive at this point when by now she's done enough shit to be put on the wall, taken off again and burned, then pooed on by wolves, burned again, hung again and then turned into an ornamental coffee table as a warning to the other Handmaids.

    I'm glad the season three episodes are shorter, as being a full hour minus ads last season made it drag significantly. It's a depressing watch, and feeling a little bit like treading water now. I don't want to give up watching, but I hope they speed/shake things up a bit. Judging by the posts I glanced at above it seems like they might, shortly.

    It's also not as beautifully shot as the first season. So many moments in that looked like paintings it was so gorgeous. There's the occasional one now, but it feels a bit budget cutty.
  2. I'm enjoying this season but they need to let us know when it's coming to an end. Preferably one more season (this should have been the final season). I don't want to watch 8 seasons of the same.
  3. I’m just starting a Season 3, right now
    I always end up watching an episode a time, every other week, late at night
  4. Sam


    I think the Nick stuff meant that he was much more involved in the creation of Gilead than we’ve been led to expect. The scene with the soldiers saluting him, Serena’s little speech and also the fact that Serena let him be the father of her child - I don’t think she’d be keen on her child having a working class background unless the father had somehow climbed the ranks and had a hand in the creation of the world they live in. I do feel like this season is treading water a bit at the moment with Serena going back to her old ways, but I’m ready for it all to explode towards the end. I saw an interview with the actresses who play Janine and Rita who said that the tail end of the season has a strong theme of women banding together, so I’m holding out hope. They said we’ll get an Aunt Lydia back story this season too, which I can’t wait for.
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  5. I can see why folks find this show frustrating. Episode 6 was so fantastic, and, then, this week's episode was just a retread of everything we've seen before. I hope that it's one of those bridge episodes that will get us to something more interesting for the balance of the season.
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  6. From the promo, the next episode will be Aunt Lydia's origin story
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  7. This show is draaaaaaaaaagging.
  8. Here, have a few more close ups of Elizabeth Moss staring intensely.
  9. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    And not saying anything. In a hazy room.
  10. Sam


    I really enjoyed Episode 7. I'm hoping they're using the middle filler episodes to showcase June slowly gearing up to she fully snapping in an explosive season finale. Are there 13 episodes again this season?

    Absolutely perched for Aunt Lydia's origin story next week!
  11. Episode 7 was the most filler episode I've seen in any television show I think. Literally nothing relevant happened besides the Martha dying. Really hoping episode 8 is a turning point otherwise the show will just keep losing momentum which is a shame.
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  12. They really need to be like..."Hi, season 4 will be the last"
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  13. Sadly, this is still HULU's biggest show isn't it? I don't think they'll let go of it easily especially when the creator himself said that he could to 10 seasons of the show if allowed to.... a mess.
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  14. I'm so disappointed with direction the story is going.
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  15. God, even Lydia's backstory was disappointing. This entire season has been so uneventful. Season 2 started slow but by the bombing episode every single one that followed was great. This season we're on to episode 9 and still nothing relevant.
  16. We’ve had one or two great ones, but yeah... it needs to get a move on.
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  17. I hated the Aunt Lydia backstory... She didn't manage to fuck the guy on the first date, so she snapped and became evil all of a sudden? Break some mirrors too to show us she's broken, whew, the edginess. Juxtaposed with the fact that June is now apparently a superbitch to everyone, and that she pushed a girl into a mental breakdown...
  18. Aunt Lydia's backstory was trash, basically she was evil all the time (the look she gave when that young mother asked her is she has girlfriedn) so it was all about nothing. What they do to June is awful
  19. Afraid I agree. I was so looking forward to Aunt Lydia's backstory and it was such a letdown. Now, I think I would have just preferred never truly knowing her backstory and instead just having her be more of an enigma and occasionally catching glimpses of her humanity -- like that surprisingly tender moment between her and June in DC.

    I actually didn't mind June's, um, journey to the dark side this week. It didn't seem a bridge too far that someone in June's circumstances could lose sight of her own humanity -- even temporarily.
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  20. FINALLY caught up on the series and I’m of mixed feelings. Agree this show needs to head towards an end game - or really lean into expanding its universe - if it’s going to keep going. But I am here for June’s falling deeper into madness & darkness.

    I haven’t felt this season dragging at all, but I’m also not sure what it’s building towards at this point. The Aunt Lydia flashback was underwhelming, and the character would’ve been better off without it. I also wish they’d spend less time focusing on Serena/Fred and Commander Lawrence; they feel so pointless to the forward momentum of this story.
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