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The Handmaid's Tale

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Meathook, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. I started watching season 3 but started watching Killing Eve and gave up... Going to wait until it's all aired and binge it / fast forward parts.
  2. Didn't know about that. A literal mess, 'cause that's 100% what we're getting if the cast say yes.
  3. The interview:
    “I roughed it out to about 10 seasons when I was first working on it,” Miller reveals.

    “I see a world beyond [the current one]. I would watch an episode about the Nuremberg trials after Gilead falls. There are lots of worlds you think of: ‘I would love that season — seasons eight, nine or 10, where everything has changed so much.'”
  4. I have absolutely no desire to watch this anymore. I was gonna tell myself to binge thru season 2 and now that season 3 is here and I'm looking at the reviews sans spoilers, it leaves me not wanting more, especially if they're gonna draggggg things.

    I can't. And to think that I started this thread. The absolute decay.
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  5. Second half of season 2 is totally worth it though! Flawless work there.
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  6. Game of Thrones, Killing Eve, Big Little Lies and now this, which was my most anticipated show of the year, all having underwhelming, to say the least, seasons in matter of few months is... depressing.
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  7. To be fair Kiling Eve was terrible from the start,
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  8. Christopher Meloni gay storyline will keep me watching this season. The scene where he puts his ass in front of Waterford while playing pool is hot.
  9. Another irritating episode for me, I just feel like the main characters just go in circles.
  10. I'd like to repeat, reading/scanning thru the comments here - the absolute decay of this show and I have only seen season one.
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  11. Jesus, what a dreadful episode.
  12. Well, I'll be the contrarian here and say that I actually enjoyed it. I just thought it was an excellent bottle episode. And, based upon the promo for next week's episode, I imagine it was a necessary bridge to the events that will unfold over the remainder of the season. I found Moss' descent into madness and climb back to some form of grace by the end very compelling. She did so much with just her eyes. The editing, production design, even sound design were excellent. And I liked that they ended with her finding a new sense of purpose.
  13. Nope!
  14. I gave this up. I just didn't find anything to enjoy anymore.
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  15. Yeah I stopped after episode 4 or 5 and I'm just going to pretend this was a 2 season serie.
  16. The third season is by far the weakest. How June hasn't been hung is beyond me bless her
  17. Anyway, stream and share love for the third season of "La casa de papel", a show that actually has tension and progress and an internal logic that doesn't fall apart at a glimpse, coming tomorrow!
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  18. Also, when Aunt Lydia put that eyepatch on Janine, all I could think of was... Janine is Madame X.
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  19. Same.
  20. That was a great episode, I just wish it had happened earlier and that the plot around it was moving faster. We might have that next week!
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