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The Handmaid's Tale

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Meathook, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Sam


    I really enjoyed that episode. It was a nice change of pace, and a way to reset the tone of where the show's heading. I'm glad to say I'm looking forward to next week's.
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  2. And this is why I stopped watching this season.
  3. The most recent episode was garbage. Completely jerking itself off with those monologues, Minutes and minutes of vacant stares, more torture porn-y than usual. And yes, the fact that she's even alive is past the point of believable.
  4. Bizarrely, I found the very blatant bottle episode to be quite captivating and far better than a lot of the filler episodes earlier in the season which led absolutely nowhere.

    I definitely was ready to give up three episodes in but I’m glad I’ve stuck with it, because it has got more enjoyable and less of a slog. The way that the DC episode felt so refreshing shows that the series desperately needs to expand its world and can’t wheel spin in June’s daily routine any longer.

    I think the challenge that the series is always going to have is that you can’t have a 5-10 season run anchored around June. It’s not plausible and it is exhausting to see what further misery she can be put through. If they want to world-build and tell the story of Gilead, they need to do something radical like kill off June and let the story run on without her. If they want this to be June’s story, then they need to set up an end-game and fix the end point for the series. I’m not confident that the writers are ready to make that choice yet.
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  5. Elisabeth Moss is the show, there's no way in hell they can keep on without her. Like it's been said, they do need to make more handmaids interesting because just focusing on June and her misery is making the show boring and repetitive.
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  6. The show peaked with the Heart of Glass sequence.
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  7. This seazzzzzzon. I’m so bored.

    Nothing has happened.
  8. Sam


    Yaaaaaaaas I'm so ready for things to properly kick off! I'm so glad the woman teaming up theme is making a return, I was so sure it would have been Serena and June, but I'm glad it's the underdogs. Speaking of Serena, surely she's using Fred to get herself out?

    Oh and "At least it wasn't you" genuinely made me scream. Sasspot June is my favourite.
  9. How on earth is June planning getting all those kids out unnoticed? From what I understand Joseph only agreed to help June and his wife escape. Besides it being almost logistically impossible, How is she going to convince brainwashed children who have been in Gilead for 5 years and probable know no different to escape without a struggle? I'm intrigued to see where this goes.

    When the commander from DC (I forget is name) came down for an inspection I was half under a horrible anticipation that he was going to enforce all handmaids get rings in their mouths like in DC (I'm still worried it may lead into that to be honest). I know its fucked up to say but I was a little disappointed we didn't see some homosexual sexual harassment towards Fred with the DC commander down.
  10. Sam


    I think it was mentioned? Aunt Lydia said something a vow of silence being voluntary
  11. Oh the spoilers tags have me perched. Has something interesting finally happened?
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  12. Sam


    I'd say the mid-season slump is definitely at an end.
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  13. Almost. Feels like we are close to interesting, at least!
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    Fuck this season.
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  15. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    Avoiding reading up, only saw the Lydia-centric episode last night and what an amazing one that was. I was glad they showed that she was a pious piece of work before everything happened.

    If only all the episodes kept up this pace.
  16. Up to Ep 8 of this series. Still love the show and I appreciate Elisabeth’s acting talent but if we get one more drawn out close up of her forlorn expression...

    Lydia still captivates me more than any other character.
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  17. Episode 11. Thank god for PLOT.

    The show has definitely jumped the shark by now so I’d be so happy for them to do away with any character or thematically driven stuff, and just burn through plot the way this episode did until the end.

    I really really hope Serena set Fred up, and I really really hope they get that plane.
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  18. OK, but the promo for 3x12 actually scalped me. I think we're in for an amazing season finale.
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  19. Fuck yeah, finally something happening. Also, fantastic use of "Cloudbusting".
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  20. Fucking finally.
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