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The Handmaid's Tale

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Judy Jetson Hooker, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Sam


    Oh my fucking god.
  2. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Literally my favorite Kate Bush song.
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  3. Not to nitpick...

    ...but why not burn the sheets with the body rather than laundering them?

    That was a solid episode.
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  4. For fucks sake, episode 9 was the worst filler I've ever seen. Unsuffurable.
  5. Ok just finished episode 11 and.... what was the point of Christopher Meloni's character? I don't get it. They hinted at him being gay or bi, showed him as a big shot, only for him to die trying to rape June after doing basically nothing for all the episodes he was on?
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  6. With Winslow dead and Waterford arrested in Canada, this is a big blow to Gilead's governement. They might have no choice but to promote Lawrence, which means June will be closer to power.

    They might use his gay tendancies to explain his sudden disapperance...
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  7. Honestly, I have no sense or idea how many commanders are there or what the political situation is, really. They were too busy doing close-ups and looping around irrelevant plot points to explain that, really. Can season 4 please, PLEASE, be its last.
  8. Winslow was a High Commander living in Washington. His death is a pretty big deal.
  9. I just wish they would have explored his character more. And I'm honestly curious about June's fate. In the past couple episodes it's been mentioned an alarming amount of times she would end up in the wall for her recent actions.
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  10. Those mediocre episodes we've been enduring this season became much more absurd, giving that Winslow was about to die and they did not bothered to explore more the Gilead government and hierarchy. How many of them there are? Who is more important than who and why? How exactly this works? Is Fred really so important? They've fallen and we don't know, three seasons in, what's exactly the weight of that.
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  11. And sorry, I feel like this was explained in the first season but why is it so easy for a handmaid to visit the Jezebel's?
  12. I guess straight white men commanders can get away with pretty much anything.
  13. Commanders take Handmaid there for "fun", June was there earlier so I assume the stuff knew her.
  14. This fucking show.

    As if June’s husband and Moira would get to deal directly with Serena and Fred that soon after their capture?

    I cannot. The writers have lost the plot.
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  15. I hate that she let Eleanor die. It's unclear if she did that because Eleanor was a burden to the plan, or because she knew they would never get their happy ending if they got out.
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  16. How many more episodes do we have to endure before this season ends?

  17. I think it was probably both.
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  18. One.
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  19. Oh that was a dark twist, I'm surprised with HULU or whatever allowing their protagonist to do such thing.
    I think it's obviously the first thing. For the past few episodes we have been seeing her being a problem for June's plans: on the school or when Joseph had to rape June and Eleanor kept screaming and crying.
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  20. Got caught up on the last 3 episodes tonight & I still don’t feel like this has picked up any steam. A few deaths of minor characters is hardly plot development at this point. I don’t feel like we’ve gotten far enough in any aspect to resolve anything next week.
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