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The Handmaid's Tale

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Judy Jetson Hooker, Apr 27, 2017.

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    Out of curiousity, what age are you? Im glad this song is still getting itself out there 25 years later.

    Mazzy Star's song Fade Into You was huge in the noughties (a full 10 years after it's initial release). It was on every millennials iPod and Myspace. The go to sad song. It was all down to it's use in the most iconic scene in the OC.
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  2. Caught up with the finale.
    Crying. Wow.
    I just hope they take note for the next season, because the potential for this to get back to its best is there for the taking.
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  3. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I think the best ending for this show would be if June does get out and it ends in a courtroom drama where the Waterfords and Aunt Lydia suffer for their crimes. There are too few characters for this to carry on indefinitely, but the season finale was great and I’ll be watching the fourth one when it airs.
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  4. The point is that a Handmaid's Tale/Testaments handover is the most logical way the show can exit the June cul-de-sac the original material forced it to take. It allows them to give a satisfying ending to the handmaid's story, something many people have been clamouring about, and keep exploring the world of Gilead from other points of view, since The Testaments is narrated by three different voices with three different backgrounds.

    MAJOR SPOILER ALERT but the starting points of The Testaments are:
    • Hannah/Agnes stayed behind in Gilead; she doesn't really remember her old life and has become a brainwashed true believer. Her rebel genes manifest when she tries to become an Aunt to escape marriage.
    • Nicole/Daisy lives an ordinary and boring life in Canada until her adoptive parents get killed by Gileadean agents. She's told about her origins and sent back to Gilead afterwards.
    • Aunt Lydia has achieved full legendary-founding-mother status but it turns out she was never an actual believer. She's revealed to be a ruthless, calculating opportunist who has climbed her way up by collecting dirt on commanders and wives. Her goal is to destroy the system from within.
    • June gets only a brief mention but she's alive, iconic and full terrorist. She becomes an official public enemy and icon of the Resistance. The Waterfords and all the other characters are not mentioned.
    • There's a happy ending, both in a political and sentimental way.

    All very fucking exciting.
  5. The Lydia storyline sounds very interesting.
    She’s such a fascinating mix of sadistic and weirdly maternal characteristics. Bring on this next season!
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  6. SockMonkey

    SockMonkey Staff Member

    My biggest issue with the series is that it's hard to believe this apparently oppressive regime has even survived when we see nothing but it being undermined and people (mostly) getting away with it. The inconsistency of June even still being alive at this point after everything makes a mockery of their entire way of life.

    A Martha and a kid go AWOL for a few hours: house to house searches utilising all available vehicles and personnel. 10 Handmaids go AWOL overnight: nothing. They all seem to have an enormous amount of freedom of movement outside of going to Waitrose, considering where they are, when it suits the plot.

    I've still watched it all, I've enjoyed it all to be honest, but they need to tighten up the plotting and actually think about the world they're trying to build with this story, because it seems like set pieces and nice shots and the regulatory 4 MSPE (Moss Sneers Per Episode) / 10 MECPE (Moss Extreme Close-ups Per Episode) are taken into account more than whether the plot makes sense.

    [This post was typed in a hazy sunlit room using Dolby dust motes.]
  7. I binged season 3 and didn't think it was nearly as bad as some here made it out to be. Bloated and a tad slow in parts? Certainly. They could have chopped 2 or 3 episodes in the middle of the season, and I kept falling asleep and having to restart the one set entirely in the hospital. They also do continue to run the risk of getting way too repetitive, but the Waterfords storyline promises to shake things up next year. I'm glad I decided to binge it because I can see how it'd be tedious week-to-week, but I thought it was still a solid season. The last few episodes, in particular, were great. I sort of wished that they brought up the idea of escaping kids earlier on, as it'd have been a nice throughline for the season.
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  8. How did Cherry Jones win an Emmy for what was probably three lines in one episode this series?
  9. Sam


    I just finished The Testaments and wow. Really satisfying.
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  10. IndieWire has exclusively confirmed that after two season of 13 episodes, “The Handmaid’s Tale” is returning to 10 episodes next season.
    Hopefully this will result in a season as put together as the first, because second and third suffered from being filled with obvious fillers.
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  11. Yas.
  12. I’d quite like the series to follow the testaments now, I was getting so bored by the end of last season
  13. He said he would definitely adapt The Testaments in a different show with the same bible though. But they already have The Handmaid's Tale ending in mind.
  14. I was ready to call the last season a failure right up until that last incredible episode, with the final scene being my favourite moment of all the seasons put together.
  15. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    Oh! I'd read (I assume in this thread but can't be bothered to go looking) that there was a plan to make The Handmaid's Tale last for like 7 seasons and that seemed insane to me because of how improbable June's survival is at this point still being in Gilead but I just finished reading The Testaments tonight and could suddenly understand how that would be possible, given a time jump, but now I'm back to being confused again at how they'd stretch the show out that much based on just The Handmaid's Tale.

    The Testaments though... wow. Margaret Atwood is so incredible. Thoughts about The Testaments below...

    I know they both lived, because of the format it was written in, but right up until they reached the shore I didn't know if they would make it, I was just waiting for a plot twist to reveal that they'd been captured by Gilead and the testaments were transcripts of their interrogations! So gripping. The dynamics that were created through the Aunt Lydia writings were so fascinating, how she would play other founding Aunts off each other, reveal how enemies were gotten rid of etc... I felt awful for Becka. I would love a third book or essay perhaps about Gilead dissolving and perhaps Commander Judd being put on trial but I don't imagine we'll get it, she gave us enough of a resolution anyway.
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  16. Just saw a recent clip of Elisabeth on WWHL and she said she pretty much knows how the series will end and how many seasons it will last, which is promising. I'm glad they have an endgame in mind. I'm thinking maybe season 5 will be the last.
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