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The Handmaid's Tale

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Meathook, Apr 27, 2017.

  1. Both episodes were all sorts of amazing.
  2. Bitchmetoothefuck.gif SIS.
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  3. I had my doubts, especially after all the awards and acclaim, and now not having the book to rely on, that it wouldn’t live up to season 1.

    But what a comeback. That first episode is a monster. They really did that.
  4. The opening of the premiere was ICONIC. YAS Kate Bush YAS.

    I thought the second episode was the real showstopper though. It felt understated and achingly beautiful while being brutal and in-your-face at the same time. The ending left me silent.
  5. Y'all. Just fucking wait. Episode 5 is gonna fuck you up. If you thought the first two episodes of this season were tough to watch, well...
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  6. So do we get a break in episodes 3 and 4?
  7. Episode 3, yes. Episode 4... no.
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  9. I've always been apprehensive about the show continuing on after the book and judging from that article and clips I've watched from season 2, I think I would have preferred it as a mini-series.
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  10. I've yet to start Series 2 (UK Pace here) but I share your apprehension... unless Ms Atwood wrote a full manuscript for them to work from, I'm terrified that they'll put a foot wrong and spoil the first series in the process...
  11. Would anyone mind sharing how or where I can watch season 2 in the UK? I'm struggling to find it anywhere.
  12. #comingsoon to Channel 4 - the trailers have already started so I'm guessing Sunday 13th May will be the launch date...

    Just wait - will be much better in HD anyway...
  13. I don't think the quality in relation to season 1 has dipped at all, the writing remains superb even as they broaden the scope and show more of the outside world like the colonies and the econowives so I wouldn't worry about that at all.
  14. I've seen up to 2x06 and am absolutely loving the second season. Is it bleak? Yes, sometimes almost unbearably so. But like @johnoclock said, the writing remains fantastic. Elisabeth Moss is doing some of her best work. But if you watched the first 2 and thought, 'this is too much' then I'd recommend you stop watching now. There were scenes in episode 5 where I sat in my bed alone saying, 'No, no, no, no, no!' out loud with my hands over my eyes. This ain't light viewing, and it isn't getting any easier.
  15. I feel like this season might kill me. The ending scene on three was awful.

    So jealous you can watch ahead.
  16. Hate to double post but this is a really good article. I hate Game of Thrones for it’s treatment against women (though I watch it) but somehow I’m okay* watching this. It definitely makes me think.

    *Not okay as in enjoyment but okay as in, it’s a cautionary tale, I should (personally) watch it.
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  17. I'll just watch it when I'm ready. I'm sure it's 'important' and Elisabeth delivers in it. But from a visceral/escapism standpoint I just don't think it's something people immediately run to to access.
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  18. Jesus, the opening ten minutes of S2...
  19. I'm not liking this season so far.
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