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The Haunting of… + Midnight Mass

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by wickedbruv, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Sending you love sis <3
  2. Not that I’m a stalker or anything but I kept checking back to see what you thought of it. I’m really pleased it resonated with you on so many levels. The older we get, our understanding of family evolves. Let’s just say Hill Houses grapples with that really well.
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  3. When everyone spoke so highly of the episode I automatically thought it was going to be a huge twist or something that was going to incredibly frightening, but what I got from it was so much more. It was a real good one.

    Thanks guys <3
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  4. Which one is episode 6 again?...
  5. The funeral home one, isn't it?
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  7. I can't believe this is coming in 2 weeks, I'm so ready for this.
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  8. Episode titles have been revealed, along with teaser posters for each. Interesting that the two parter episodes aren’t together.

  9. Three episodes in and it's extremely slow. I don't mind a slow burn but there isn't much visually or dialogue wise going on. Still six episodes to go so we'll see how it unfolds.
  10. MB


    Is it scary? Or just slow.
  11. Subwaykid

    Subwaykid Staff Member

    I’ve heard episodes 1-4 are very slow paced from the reviews.

    I’m late to the party but I just watched Hill House for the first time and thought it was excellent. Again, the first couple episodes were a bit slow but once everything was set up I thought it came together beautifully. Luke’s episode, the Bent Neck Lady, and episode 6 were incredible, in particular. Can’t wait to watch the second season.
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  12. Not even a bit. Literally nothing's happening.

    The story has been set up for at least two episodes I'm just waiting for something, anything...
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  13. So I’m halfway through episode 1 and I’m obsessed already! I’m just so happy this is back because I’ve rinsed the first season for all it’s worth! I’ve missed spotting the hidden ghosts so much!

    The less said about the English accents from American actors the better!
  14. I’m just about to start Episode 3 and whilst I’m enjoying it - I’m still waiting for things to really kick off.
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  15. Ok so I’ll agree that things are a bit slow and, while it’s not as good as Hill House, not many TV shows are.

    I’m still loving it though. Pedretti is acting her socks off and the boy that plays Miles is brilliant too.
  16. A little worried since this got lukewarm reviews on metacritic. I will check it over the weekend.
  17. Im only 20 minutes into this and I see the actor who played the dad in the flashbacks in hill house is still a awful actor that makes me cringe everytime he's on the screen.
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  18. He’s dreadful and it initially put me off. But it gets much better.

    I’m halfway through and, although it’s short on “scares”, I’m still totally gripped by the story and the performances. Victoria Pendretti is a queen. As is T’Nia Miller. It appears to be piling on the emotional trauma nearly as much as Hill House, even though it’s more ‘ghost story’ than ‘horror’. I still think it’s really good so far.
  19. I agree, I’m finding that the ‘scary’ parts so far are looking for hidden ghosts in the background. There hasn’t been much explicit horror, like there was in Hill House.
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