The Haunting of… + Midnight Mass

5 episodes in and, if you’re expecting another hill house you’re looking in the wrong place. There are less scares and I’m fine with that because that’s not where it stood out as horror or as TV for me. It remains impeccably intense and ultimately just sad drama.

every episode so far has added layers to the mystery and web of unanswered questions. And while I don’t care too much about those it has built up a care for the characters which are pulling me through.
Oh no, I’ve been looking forward to watching this for month!!! Going off reviews etc, they shouldn’t of done another series - I loved Hill so much!
It’s definitely the sadness and the tragedy of the characters that really sticks with me. That’s the true horror of the show.

And this piece of music rattles through my mind long after watching:
I’m on episode three now and it’s really really realllllly slow.

I’ve passed out a few times now. And I wanna know why Miss Clayton chooses to wear those horrid mom jeans. They’re NOT perfectly splendid.
God, you weren't kidding when you said it was slow. I only watched one episode and it was interminable. I couldn't stop looking down at my phone.
Told you. It’s so slow that I’m zoning out in the dialogue as WELL. Usually I just let it play and listen to key dialogues but because the accents all around were so fucking horribly enunciated they might as well be speaking in tongues.

I’m on episode 4, please get better by 5 since some girls here say it’s a shooketh moment.
Episode one did not grab my interest at all. Even stylistically I think it would have been smarter to do it in a more contemporary house at least this season. Maybe something more slick yet clinical to have it stand out from the first season. I hope it gets better but the reactions are not promising.
I’m on episode 7 now and I don’t think this season is for me. I get what they’re trying to do but it’s just too long and such a chore to get through. Maybe 8 and 9 would be better but I don’t see it happening.
So episode 8 was the ‘standalone’ episode and was good but, good lord, these English accents are terrible!

I understand the need to make this an anthology show, using the same actors, but they could’ve just changed the setting to rural America and saved themselves a lot of trouble. The only one who can do a remotely acceptable accent is Oliver Jackson-Cohen’s attempt at Scottish.