The Haunting of… + Midnight Mass

Just finished the second episode and it’s all a bit meh but I want to ride the cook’s moustache.

So I watched this on my day off all in one sitting (tragic I know) with snack breaks in between. Firstly, Oliver Jackson Cohen (the guy who plays Peter and Luke in Hill House) is ridiculously handsome, I am obsessed...he is so hot.

The first few episodes were cute, slightly boring I have to admit. It starts getting good though after the first few. One thing I do have to note though is even in the first few episodes they convey the feeling of isolation really well with the setting.

I think a lot of people will go in expecting Hill House. If they put that expectation aside, they’ll probably like this way more than they would if they compared. It’s normal to compare though I guess.

Whilst it has the same depth and dynamic in certain areas such as script writing and plot development - they have very different vibes. This has more warmth, less scare value, it was also slightly predictable as a result. I was never able to predict with Hill House, with this I was. I really liked the Au Pairs storyline and there were some tragic moments that had me in tears. I can’t say I jumped once or was remotely creeped out, but the storytelling was phenomenal regardless. All in all I think, despite its flaws it’s a solid follow up in the series...because how do you top Hill House? It’s (in my opinion) probably one of the most well executed horror series of all time. This does its job well. I’m not only intrigued for the next series, but excited to come back to this in like a year and rewatch it when I’ve forgotten the main takeaways.

Also the episode that focuses on Hannah was so good.
Episode 8 is utterly brilliant!

It’s a shame, though inevitable of course, that all reviews will hold this up to Hill House. It’s a different beast. It’s more... delicate? But it’s still so beautifully crafted, I’ve been just as moved by many of the soliloquies and the story has wormed its way under my skin. Not everything works, but I sincerely hope that the anthology series continues.
I’ve only watched episode one. Love it so far. The acting is brilliant. I love how the actors are able to convey so much sadness and longing with so little. Episode 1 literally seeps melancholia, which was what made Hill House so special. I hope it gets better. The mixed reviews were expected, but they only made me more determined to watch it through fresh lenses.
So episode 8 was the ‘standalone’ episode and was good but, good lord, these English accents are terrible!

I understand the need to make this an anthology show, using the same actors, but they could’ve just changed the setting to rural America and saved themselves a lot of trouble. The only one who can do a remotely acceptable accent is Oliver Jackson-Cohen’s attempt at Scottish.
Are you kidding? His attempt at Scottish is awful, he slips out of it every 5th line or so.

I’m enjoying the season so far (3 episodes in), it is slightly slow but I’m enjoying the characters a lot, Victoria Pedretti is a really likeable lead & the supporting cast is strong too (dodgy accents aside). I’m hoping the plot does pick up in the next few episodes & reading your comments here it seems it does.
I finished the season and have been hugely underwhelmed. The acting was good, the storyline was good but I was expecting more scares as this is meant to be a horror series. Even the hidden ghosts seemed to pretty much drop off after episode 5.
Only watched the first 2 episodes so far. It is kinda of slow but it has me interested. The little girl was pretty annoying in the beginning of the first episode. Dani's 80's outfit is so accurate but I can't stop thinking of Saturday Night Live's Mom Jeans hahaha.
I honestly can’t tell what part of Scotland that Peter Quint is supposed to be from.

He goes from a Western dialect straight in to East then sprinkles it with a little Northern, all in the one sentence!

Only two episodes to go though and I’m so excited to see how this wraps up.
Try saying this is too slow paced by the ends of Episodes 5 and 6 I dare you.


And I also think many people are forgetting that Hill House was actually so slowly placed and character focused in the beginning. Each of the first 5 episodes is literally just exploring the five Crain kids lives in the build up to Nells death.

If anything resolving some threads such as
the spectacled spectre's identity
has given it a faster pace.