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The Haunting of… + Midnight Mass

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by wickedbruv, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. I read an article (can't find now ñññ) that said something about that the lack of involvement from Flanagan in this second season is why it feels slightly different to the first one. I guess Doctor Sleep and Midnight Mass have kept him busy for the most part.
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  2. Anytime they say tucked throughout the season.

  3. I am watching the first season for the first time and... what's with the choice of contacts for the father of the family? Like will it ever be explained? Or will I just have to look at those unnatural creepy blue eyes for the rest of the season? Also when he's old he doesn't have those contacts? They are so distracting!
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  4. They wanted to match both actors, if I recall?
  5. Trying to finish these last few episodes. I’m hoping there’s a surprise that actually surprises me coming up. I feel like the little girls acting is getting worse as it goes. Especially when she is pretending to scan a room with her head.
  6. I've only managed to sit down and watch the first episode of this so far--I've been distracted by the fifth season of Lucifer, apologies!--but sweet lord, that girl is irritating.
  7. Well I finished it. The last episode was very good I’ll give it that. It would of had more impact on me if I felt connected to the characters though. Jaime felt like a side character to me the whole time so I kind of don’t get it.
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  8. The entire season was a CHORE. Except for the T'nia episode. What a star and revelation. She needs to anchor her own bloody show.
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  9. I rather liked it but every time the story went to Henry or Peter, I was just exhausted. We do not care about these jackass straight white men! But overall, really lovely.
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  10. Episode 8 has a jump scare for the ages. More of that next time.
  11. Double post but I have to say the last episode was the most affecting to me. The entire thing felt like an allegory of living with mental illness. Living but not really feeling, constantly waiting for the monster to rear its ugly head. And the last shot was heartbreaking and hoppeful at the same time. All the character work on Jamie and Dani paid off.

    Edit: I still have problems with the pacing and plotting but I think most storylines were wrapped up well. Except the doll house. It was an interesting mystery but I had to watch a youtube video to understand what was going on there.
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  12. This! It's incredible how they explored mental illness with this show, not only metaphorically but just the fact that Dani's ghost turned out not to even be a ghost at all, but PTSD flashbacks.

    I finished it a few days ago but haven't got around to posting my thoughts because I knew it would take some time to articulate them. I was absolutely blown away. Hill House is up there as one of my favourite shows of all time, it was just so masterful, and I expected Bly to be good, but I was keeping my expectations "realistic," so to speak, because I didn't expect it to get anywhere near the heights of Hill House. But, wow. It surpassed all my expectations.

    I love that it was slow. I love that it was character driven. The ghosts, frankly, were the weakest link. I could just watch episode after episode of that cast existing in that house. I don't think Victoria Pedretti got as much chance to show off her acting this time around, but that's fine. She was excellent nonetheless.

    I'm surprised so many people are bothered by the kids. Flora was cute and I think the actress did a decent enough job. Miles was an annoying little fucker but I guess that's the point so you can't hold it against the actor too much, I think he actually showed some pretty good acting skills in his flashback episode.

    T'Nia Miller was incredible. I've literally thought about Hannah Grose every single day since I finished this show, and I feel heartbroken every time. What a wonderful actress, what a wonderful role, what a heart breaking twist, and what a breathtaking ending. I think it's fitting she got to say the little Easter egg of Nell's speech because she's absolutely the breakout star of Bly as Nell was in Hill House. She needs to be in season three.

    I read a quote from Mike Flanagan the other day. I don't have it to hand, but the gist was that ghosts are nothing more than moments from the past that still affect the present, and I think that outlook is what makes Hill House and Bly Manor so exceptional.

    Because it's never about a monster in a closet, it's about how grief and trauma can imprint on you like a spectre and haunt you for the rest of your life, tearing apart your family and your relationships.

    But also the good stuff can haunt you too. Just the memory of love can bring together a family and save them, as it does in the climax of Hill House.

    And in the end, you've got to learn to accept the bad and embrace the good. Focus your attention on the memories that deserve it. Look back in ten years and forget about the faceless woman; but remember Hannah's laugh.

    Fuck, I love this show.
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  13. Every time that T'Nia Miller is on screen, I feel like getting to my knees and worshiping. What an actress.
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  14. Beautiful. Completely agree.
  15. I first saw T’Nia Miller in Years and Years last year, and she blew me away. If she’s not done an Olivia Colman in a few years, picking up Oscars and being properly celebrated, there really is no justice.

    I knew from the moment she was introduced to us looking up from the well entertaining the arrival of some random blond white chicka our queen would eat up EVERY SCENE SHE WAS IN and I was right.
  17. I know everyone’s said it but mama these accents...

  18. Their tutor:
  19. I'm not british but even I could tell how comically bad Uncle Henry's accent was.
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  20. I think Peter Quint's accent was the most annoying. He'd go from neutral to unintelligible in two sentences.
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