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The Haunting of… + Midnight Mass

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by wickedbruv, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Getting to the final episode and finally realising what accent Carla Gugino was trying to do...

    Biggest twist of the season.
  2. Just finished episode 5. It’s really well done. Am a now a proper T’nia Miller fan. Based on what I’ve seen, the writing for the series could be tighter but this is still a top notch production. I’m really enjoying this, and am somewhat sad that I’ve gone past the halfway mark now.

    Any one else gets young Rachel McAdams vibes from Victoria Pedretti?
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  3. Someone said Hillary Duff and I can't unsee it now.
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  4. It was me - seriously it’s uncanny isn’t it? Also reminded me of this bop so I’m happy.

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  5. It’s Jessica Biel, for me
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  6. Such an underrated actress.
  7. I’ve thought for a while that she looks like a Haim sister cosplaying as Hilary Duff.
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  8. I have watched the episode Bent Neck Lady and wow, i think i cried like a baby. Poor Nell. Hanging onto trauma and not being able to let it go because noone she loves said “you are right” till the end and how the house ended up using that very primal need...

    As a male Child S. Assault survivor and one that is still being haunted by that, I dont think i related a character more than that.
  9. The Scottish accents in this are awful.
  10. I just finished this. I liked but didn't love it. If I were giving out grades, "Hill House" would have gotten an A and "Bly Manor" would get a B-.

    That finale, though, was just gorgeous. It seriously blew me away.

    Mike Flanagan's character work is top-notch and it's what I appreciate the most from his stories.

    If I had a complaint about this series it would be that it simultaneously felt like there was very little plot but also a lot of plot that couldn't fit in. Not sure if that's a very clear way of expressing it. But I was never bored or uninterested. A few more scares would've been nice, but overall I thought it was a beautiful story.
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  11. The Scottish accent of the guy was horrible.
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  12. it’s even more a choice because Oliver Cohen Jackson is english in real life.

    I mean....
  13. To be fair, I’ve heard worse attempts. His wasn’t completely off to my ears. There are variations to the Scottish accent as well. He was probably a little inconsistent at times, but doesn’t sound terribly far from a couple of my colleagues from Scotland.
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  14. The Scottish thing is bizarre because if memory serves Peter isn’t even described as Scottish in the book (not that they stuck to that very much but still). Choices upon choices.
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  15. I never understand why actors put on unnatural accents for no reason.
  16. For me it was Carla's accent. It was so fucking offputting and since she was narrating the story, it just made me zone out completely. If there weren't subs, I wouldn't have understood a word she said.
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  17. Just finished it and cried my eyes out.

    I was so moved.
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  18. Giving this a rewatch and it's much better the second time round. The first five episodes are fantastic, episode 5 in particular is the standout of the series in terms of pure emotion.

    In short, I prefer the episodes where Henry Thomas is barely in it. He really lets the series down with his awful acting and accent. I quite liked him in Hill House, but he's unbearable in this.
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  19. Finally got to episode five last light and the bf and I ended up finishing it entirely. I think I enjoyed this more Hill House. Accent issues aside as others have noted, I think this was beautifully done. With any good art, it poses more questions than answers, but I feel like the answers needed to close the story respectfully weren’t brushed aside for some unnecessary gore or showboating action. Then the incredible T’Nia Miller. What an outstanding performance. What an actress! I’m still processing it all and I need to watch it again, but this was quite moving.
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  20. Finished Bly Manor last night and I really enjoyed the whole lot. That last episode though, whew my emotions.

    Also not me thinking I saw a lot of the hidden ghosts but then it turning out I was blind as a bat and missed almost all of them
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