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The Haunting of… + Midnight Mass

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by wickedbruv, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. SBK


    The car scene with Theo and Shirley... Fuxsache! Should have seen that coming.

  2. ^I accidentally read about that part before I watched the episode and it still caught me off guard. One of the best scares, for sure.
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  3. Just finished the Nell episode and I am thoroughly mind fucked.

    Are all the ghosts they keep seeing themselves?
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  4. I didn't have anything good to say about this in the Horror thread after watching about 5 episodes, but I think the second half of the series (from The Bent Neck Lady onwards) was much better. With that said, there's a lot of flashbacks and flash forwards and it requires a lot of attention, so those early episodes really lay the foundations of the story which all comes full circle at the end and is really well done. As someone mentioned, it's more the story of this family dressed up in horror trappings. There are some jumps and a few gory visuals which are beautifully done (the whole thing is just gorgeous though). I actually cried like a baby at the ending. Again, it was very 'American family drama / cliche sad music etc.' type ending, but so well done.
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  5. I think that depends which bit you're on. The whole thing had an air of The Others to me i.e. who's dead, who's alive and in the case of this show - what's real and what's a dream? etc. It all reveals itself at the end.
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  6. I am so tempted to dedicate my time to this if its anything like The Woman in Black or The Conjuring 1/2.
  7. SBK


    You should, its definitely worth it.

    I've got one episode to go, demanded my boyfriend come straight home from his gig to watch it tonight as we're out tomorrow and I can't wait until Sunday night to finish it - I'm not watching it in the day time.
  8. MB


    I finished it last night. It's so well done and the last episode does a good job of answering a lot of questions.
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  9. This has been a great watch for me, I didn't really find it all that slow and hard to get into. I only have the final episode to watch tonight. I absolutely love how, as someone else has pointed out, if you look closely there are ghostly figures in the backgrounds of many scenes but they shot out of focus and move about as the scenes progress. You really have to look for them though, they can be easily missed if you aren't paying attention. The only episodes I found tedious were the two that mainly revolved around:

    Nell's funeral.

    I absolutely love the characters of Olivia & Theo. Theo's episode is one of the best of the series. I wouldn't have actually minded seeing it being drawn out into two episodes.
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  10. I just finished this. I didn't really get the ending (lol) but I still enjoyed it.
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    I finished this last night. It ended at just the right time for me, i really loved it though.
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  12. Funnily enough I enjoyed the first half of the season much more thank second half. But I loved how the human development/ relationships are the core of the show rather than the horror.
  13. I finished it last night and what a load of bull-fucking-shit.

    Ep 1 to 8 ranged from amazing to just good but the last 2 episodes of the season were absolute tripe. Instead of atmosphere and actual things happening we get the characters delivering 10-minute monologues as if they are in a Shakespeare play which totally broke any immersion and really brought out some of the worst acting in the whole season.

    The ending of the show also made no sense whatsoever:

    Are you really going to tell me that no one realized Abigail was actually real even though her parents were on the premises every day and everyone kept on talking about Luke’s imaginary friend but no one put two and two together? There’s no logic to it.

    I just find the whole thing superfrustrating because the show dumbs itself down so much by the end that it becomes insulting to the viewer.
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  14. Does it get better? Because 2 episodes in and I'm so confused by the praise.

    Also, I find the acting atrocious ...
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  15. This was a brilliant watch.

    Episode 5 really got to me I went to bed after it quite emotional and freaked out at the same time. The scene with Nell dancing around the house then realising she was the bent neck lady all along was a real mind fuck.

    I think that was the best bit about this show was that it really got inside your head , the horror was second to the psychological effects they were going through and that made it all the more effective.

    It’s takes a couple episodes to get into it but it’s more than worth sticking with and making it to the end in my opinion.
  16. I’ve still got two episodes to go and I’ve mostly loved it. Nell’s episode was heartbreaking and so was the end of episode 6.

    I’m surprised by how much of a family drama it is as well. And how invested I am in most of the characters. Although Steven is a fucking insufferable cunt.

    I think the acting is largely great as well, including the children.

    The end of episode 5 was so effective.

    And in episode 8...

    ... Nell in the car. Fucking hell I nearly died!
    One of the best jump-scares in years. I’m generally quite immune to them but I legitimately squealed.
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  18. Oops Sorry
  19. One question I still am not sure of a definite answer though and it would be interesting to see what other people who have seen it thought.

    Was Olivia an evil person? Or was she just driven to it by the spirits in the house and it finally pushed her over the edge? She literally planned her own daughters death after she became a spirit and tried to poison them aswell while still alive. Obviously she was more in tune with spirits in the beginning but it really didn't take alot to make her fold like a deck of cards and do what the house wanted her to do. Even in the final episode she had evil intentions. So was the good part of her spirit just completely gone once she died? Had she just succumbed to the house?
  20. SBK


    I think that'd be a great subject for a GCSE English essay.

    She mentioned that she had a similar "gift" to Theo, so she was clearly more in tune with the history of the house and the people trapped there.
    I think it was the ghost of Poppy Hill that got in her head and convinced her to "wake" her children so they'd be there forever.
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