The Haunting of… + Midnight Mass

The man never met a monologue he didn't love.
Two characters in a scene and one of them just needs to ask one question and it fills that entire 10 minute run time with the monologue. No wonder the episodes are an hour long each.

I honestly feel like this could've been cut short. Like four episodes. I also think it would've worked so much better in a 2-hour movie format.
Just started this and the premise of this seems really interesting but I’m struggling to pay attention so far and keep engaged
If you’re struggling now, I don’t have the words for you haha.

I just finally finished it, even the finale made me fall asleep numerous times. The monologue about atoms/energy/whatever OH MY GOD. I was screaming when will it stop? I’m surprised this got mostly good reviews because cyst, I really cannot vouch for it and I’m a Fan-agan.

I feel like the TV format doesn’t fit him as much as his movies.
Honestly, the fact that you can figure out the twist and what’s inevitably going to happen by the end of episode 2, just sad. I expected so much more out of this given the glowing reviews but I found myself bored the last few episodes.
I loved how he built and built everything and then to still go on a tirade of endless monologues at the very end.

Great job at making me not even care about what happened, and I just wanted it to end.

If the only place was on fire and they saw it burning why can’t the entire village fetch water to put it out? There were also places they can hide like under the fucking bridge? Or the pier? Or build something quick with the remains of whatever that was left? And no proper final scene for the Angel’s death?
Honestly, I'm kind of done with Netflix constantly vomiting out C+/B- shows stretched over too many episodes. When was the last time they had something really exceptional? Queen's Gambit? The Crown? Those were a year ago. Everything else has been a disappointment. Do they even give notes to creators like "tighten this up" or "make this more exciting"?

Thank God for HBO. The White Lotus and Mare of Easttown were TV's saving grace this year.
Netflix has been coasting for the last two years, if not more. They’ve been cancelling all their good shows and greenlighting subpar crap for ages now simply because they don’t want to pay their talent.

Just yesterday it came out we would have gotten a fifth season of On My Block, it’s one of their top performers but because the talent were going to see raises where they’d go from 500K an episode to 875k an episode, they cancelled it and instead greenlit a spin-off of it so they could start all over and save millions.
I enjoyed the show but yeah, it could have been a few episodes short.

The fact that Bev was really the only that didn't accept her fate. Ever. Was probably my favorite thing. She was the actual worst. Killing the dog, being a judgemental dick. That she hid from the vampires in the church and then tried to bury herself on the beach. Suffer.