The Haunting of… + Midnight Mass

I thought it was great.

Sure, you have to head into a Flanagan series expecting “death by monologue” but I’m… kind of here for it? (The atoms/energy speeches did actually resonate with me a little ddd). It didn’t hit me on an emotional level quite as much as both ‘Haunting Of…’ series but I thought it was a compelling story nonetheless. I know many are saying it’s more drama than it is horror, but when it does lean into horror it does it so well, so atmospherically. And the midnight mass scene itself was genuinely chilling.

The cast were superb and Samantha Soyan was particularly outstanding as Bev - serving Margaret White from Carrie, with just a hint of Westboro Baptist Church. A revelation, you could say.


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This was a not shit season of American Horror Story.

I think it hit the same problems a lot of Flanagan’s projects do. They end up being so hamfisted with dialogue that doesn’t stop shoving the central theme down your throat that it steals any of the emotional weight of the payoff. When it works, it’s because of the acting, dramatic beats, and twists that propel the story along in spite of the overwrought monologues. When it doesn’t, it feels cheap and unearned, which I think a lot of Midnight Mass did.

I had to scream at Erin and Sarah deducing that there’s a bloodthirsty contagion spreading from St. Patrick’s and then saying they had to go to Easter mass because “they didn’t know what was going to happen” then acting shocked when people starting lusting for blood ??? Also Riley’s parents being like “yeah not too hard to resist eating people idk what y’all on” ??? These moments in particular felt wildly underwritten in order to get the characters where they needed to be.

Actually, none of the character work really did anything for me here, which is a shame because by the end of Hill House and Bly I was sad to see them go. This just felt like “thank god they can finally stop talking.”
Ryan Murphy WISHES he and his hacks could do something half as good as "Midnight Mass".
Did you see that last episode of "AHS: Red Tide"?
Utterly horrible.
Erin's fate was somewhat of a shock but she was a boss till the end.
Looking forward to see what he'll do with the Christopher Pike stuff for "The Midnight Club".
Trying to avoid this thread to much for fear of spoilers but I’m 4 episodes in and I’m loving it. Hill House will likely remain my favorite of his three series but this is likely going to overtake Bly Manor for me. Sure everyone is monologuing about but when the writing and acting are good I can’t really complain.

I’ve never wanted to slap a TV character than Bev but then in episode 4 she was kind of serving?! Between slapping the Mayor across the face and telling Pruit to basically get his shit together, I’m curious what her trajectory is going to be. Also, the episode endings for 3/4 have been WILD and NOOO DADDY ZACH GILFORD DONT GET EATEN BY THAT ANGE DEMON YOUR SO SEXY.

Stressed for what’s to come.
Beginning was great, I'm stuck at episode 4 and don't think I'll make it till the end, the monologue literally gave me anxiety during the last episode, goooooood.
Bit of The Mist, bit of Needful Things, bit of Salem's Lot, bit of The Stand... it feels like a Stephen King Greatest Hits.
I really enjoyed this towards the end, when it finally started kicking off after Riley and Erin go out on the boat in that emotional scene. I love Riley as a character too.

It’s just a shame about there being so much conversation and dialogue as a way to basically tell us what’s happening rather than show us, don’t get me wrong there was a few great visuals - but I feel like even in spite of this being more of a drama horror, there could have been way more opportunities to show what was being presented. I feel like there’s so much depth to the concepts but it was kind of shown through endless conversations and monologues that started losing me. Either way though, definitely worth a watch.