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The Haunting of… + Midnight Mass

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by wickedbruv, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Just finished it. Fantastic show and I cried my eyes out.

    I liked the monologues.
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  2. Just finished episode 5. Even though I kind of saw it coming, I think it will stay with my for some time. Wow.

    I’m here for the monologues too. The one about death in ep 4 was wonderful.

    Very interested to see where the final 2 episodes will go.
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  3. Just finished this and I thoroughly enjoyed it, monologues and all. The only one I found even remotely unnecessary was the sheriffs.
  4. The last episode, how did Mildred suddenly become a great character, and Erin and Sarah Annie and Beverly obviously.
    Flanagan really gets his female characters, it turned our pretty good in the end. I would struggle to recommend it, as the monologues could be a killer, but as the action increases they either get better, or less noticeable.
    I'd say 3/5 overall.
  5. SBK


    This was so good. Dragged a bit at the end whilst they teased sunrise... but yeah really good.
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. I tried it again and it's not even so much the pace... it's the relentless bleakness. The mother with dementia, the son with no prospects, the town with no future... I don't think my mental health can handle it. The pervasive misery.
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  8. I just think there wasn’t enough demons/scares/vampires/glowing eyes in the dark. If he balanced that out then he can have all the monologues he wanted.
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  9. This is true. I enjoyed the series but it wasn't scary in the slightest. That's why Hill House was so fantastic, it had the perfect balance of horror and emotion.
  10. I think this is pretty brilliant.
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  11. So I have a question. When is the show set? It seems to be contemporary but some of the costumes and set design scream 80s? Especially the CRT TVs and I think I spotted an NES in the background?
  12. This is something I asked myself too.

    Ryley Flynn’s room is full of 90‘s stuff with the 7even, Scream and X Files posters. I guess those are though from his teenage years.

    It could be early 10‘s but I guess people just stay on the island and don‘t evolve that much. I haven‘t really payed attention with their mobiles.
  13. Yeah, I assume the room is how he left it when he left for college which makes his homecoming even more embarrassing for him. My own teenage bedroom is in a similar state, only with late 90s/early 00s Madonna and Britney posters.
  14. [​IMG]
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  15. He's gonn give us an episode where Henry Thomas explains the family's history, in one long monlogue isn't he?
    Here for Kate Siegal as Madeline though
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  16. Just finished episode 5 and it is literally one long monologue reiterating the themes of the show over and over. Girls, I'm struggling.
  17. I have also finished episode 5 and this is my favorite from Flanagan series. I can't stop thinking about the conversation about death and end of episode 5. Wow
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  18. Do we believe people would have taken the rat poison so easily? I know the miracles happened and I guess the monsignor was sort of convincing but still...

    Also, did the sheriff's son take communion and I missed it? I thought they made a point of saying he couldn't take it because he wasn't Christian.
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  19. I’m trying to watch this now and anytime Erin and Riley are having conversations is a struggle for me.
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