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The Haunting of… + Midnight Mass

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by wickedbruv, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. Oop, loved it. Each of these three series was vastly superior to the previous one for me.
  2. Once this kicks into gear it's great, but there is a definite lull after the first episode.
  3. I watched this in two days. I was very reserved because I was afraid the monologues will be boring but I enjoyed it and I never got bored. It’s so atmospheric and it captures the feel of isolation so good. The most boring part for me was actually the last episode.
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  4. I enjoyed this, but agree it took a while to get going, I do feel as thought this could have been 5-6 episodes, at around 1 hr 5 mins per episode there was A LOT of talking, to the point I'd find myself distracted on my phone, but there was enough going on from eps 3 onwards to keep me coming back for more. It's still no Hill House though.
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  5. There were slight times where this was hard to watch after being tired from a long day of work, but I really enjoyed this. The end of episode 6 was particularly masterful (and horrific in a way Flannigan doesn’t always go to.)

    Hill House is still my favorite of his three series so far, but I actually think this show stuck the landing better than Hill House and Bly Manor.

    The monologues didn’t bother me at all except in episode 5 where there seemed to be like 8 of them, which is a shame since individually I think they were all very well written and acted, but it got a little monotonous having so many back to back.

    Excited for his next project The Midnight Club.
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  6. I can recommend following Rahul Kohli on Twitter. He's very fun. And hot.

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  7. This is definitely in my top 5 shows, ever.

    Random but that scene with Erin slicing the "Angel" wings as it drunk from her was GENIUS.

    It must be hell to watch for the TikTok generation though!
  8. I just finished Midnight Mass the other day and I thought it was superb. I didn’t know what to expect going in but so much of it floored me (like the end of episode 5 - I can’t remember the last time a moment in a TV show left me sitting so completely stunned). Brilliant characters and storyline, it’s definitely in my top shows of the year.
  9. I still can not stop thinking about the death conversation between Erin and Riley.
  10. It's so beautifully written.
  11. Just finishing this up now and I have questions but....

    Bev's 'Who am I to judge... still, though' has me gagged.

    also, why burn all the inside spaces where you could hide from the sun, the rec centre and the church sure are going to be cosy
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  12. Not everyone on the island was supposed to survive in that rec centre. Only the „chosen“ ones would be allowed in.

    And with no other place to go the other would def. burn.

    In the end Bev‘s plan made no sense anyway. Who would they drink blood off?
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  13. that and how both of their demise happened like they wished. Pure poetry
  14. She only planned on them staying at the church and rec centre that one night, the next evening they were going on the boats to the main land to share "his gift".
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  15. Admittedly, I hadn’t got to that bit yet. But also, the plan was not the one
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  16. I'm about 5 episodes in and really enjoying it. Definitely a slow burn but enough to keep you intrigued. The writing really is great though. So much of this could come off as really naff but the writing and dialogue holds it together.
  17. Finally, some recognition.
  18. It's a shame, Hamish deserves it but I am still disappointed with how underwhelming/overrated this series was.
  19. I also think Samantha Sloyan should have received a nom as well. It's been awhile since I've genuinely hated a character just based on the actor's portrayal the way I hated Bev.
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  20. Took my time with this series. Finally finished last night. Had my hand on my heart the entire last hour. It’s true that not every element landed, but I can’t remember the last time a limited series moved me so much and made me think so hard.
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