The Haunting of… + Midnight Mass

The Midnight Club was not bad by any means, but it definitely was the weakest of his series. All the young actors were lovely, but it just felt a bit juvenile in comparison to his other work. Also, there was a through line, but TMC felt very episodic in the way the "Ghost stories" were the primary point of each episode and the actual plot then moved along very slowly. Alternately, Usher (And Hill House) did a much better job with that angle of "each episode is about a different character" all in the effort to push along the overarching story.
Mild spoiler-y question from the Fall of the House of Usher having just finished the first episode:
Does it maintain the possibility that the Raven woman isn't actually real?
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Just finished The Fall of the House of Usher, it was decent. Hill House/Bly Manor were still the best two so far.

One thing that irks me a little about almost all of these....there's a little bit of a cheesy, overly dramatic quality to them? The over the top monologues, the acting being a little over dramatic at times, etc.
I was gooped at the final epsiode "they sold them all down the river" twist... the greedy greedy twins deserved the most, and got two of the lesser deaths.
Just finished this, having not watched any of Flanagan’s other stuff.

If you’d pitched me a gothic Succession-cum-Dopesick… to be honest I’d have expected it to be cheap crap. But I’m blown away by how good it was.

It was so, so intricately plotted but somehow without needing to be twisty. It just threaded together so beautifully. Stuff like two of the kids’ deaths revolving around noises in the walls could have been clunky, but it just resonated beautifully with the overall arc of the story. There was loads like that throughout.

I also liked how much the script just dealt with stuff that otherwise could have been stupid plot holes, like when Madeline meets Verna and says “I had a feeling you would be here” and is met with “Don’t give yourself too much credit I did tell you the address”. Just very good writing.

Any holy shit the Lenore death was so moving.

Only criticism, which I share with others on this thread, is that the more interesting (to me) kids were the first to go - I wanted more Camille and Perry.

Carla Gugino deserves awards for the sheer breadth of that performance.