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The Haunting of… + Midnight Mass

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by wickedbruv, Oct 14, 2018.

  1. I think she was manipulated by the house. She thought they were all in an evil 'dream' and attempted to wake them up by poisoning them. Even in the end, her intention was to save them from the outside world and protect them. In general, the second to last episode of her sinking deeper and deeper into madness and delusion was harrowing. I do think she was maybe mentally ill (the story of raining rocks) but the house definitely pushed her to insanity.
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  2. Yeah. I loved the build up of the show but the finale was disappointing overall. It felt nonsensical and it forgoed any of the subtly and horror from previous episodes.

    By the end, the nonstop onslaught of monologues and exposition was almost comical and yet so many things remain unanswered.
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  3. I loved this show but yeah, episode 10 was a real let-down in terms of an ending. Don't get me wrong, the scary parts were brilliant, and finally seeing
    the tall man with the walking stick
    just made him even scarier. Despite only being in the show for a short amount of time, his part had the biggest effect on me, scare-wise. However, the whole resolution of the finale left me completely cold despite its attempts to achieve the opposite.
  4. Also...

    Was Arthur’s death natural or was the Bent neck lady involved?
  5. Just started this yesterday and while it's a slow burner and I'd describe it more as a drama with a sprinkle of horror I am enjoying. That being said I just finished episode 5 and that was a tough watch and it was nothing to do with the horror elements. I don't really know how to describe how I feel on it even though it felt uncomfortable I still enjoyed it. The child and adult actress for Nell did a great job in this episode. The bit towards the end of the episode
    Nell dancing with her husband and all the siblings watching
    got me very emotional in what I thought was a very heavy and tough episode. The song that played for Nells wedding dance was lovely
  6. SBK


    He had an aneurysm. It wasn't really implied that Bent Neck Nell had done it, other than when Nell was alive assuming she was being haunted by something that wasn't herself. So I think in terms of the story it was just a unrelated co-incidence.

    Nell's story scared me, as I suffered from night terrors a few years ago. They've gone away, but I can relate all too well to being awake and being unable to move whilst your mind plays tricks on you.
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  7. I mentioned it in an earlier post but the scariest episode for me was the 9th. That feeling of stress and trauma making you lose grip on reality without even realizing it is one of my biggest fears. Your own mind being your own worst enemy.
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  8. They played the trailer for this in the cinema last night before Halloween and it really made me envious of not being able to view it on a cinema screen.
  9. I finished this not long ago, a hauntingly tragic but beautiful story. Props to the actors who played the Crain family so tremendously, I hope award season will be good to them when it comes back around. Victoria Pedretti (adult Nell) for episode 5 in particular deserves significant praise.
  10. I finished this last night and absolutely loved it, I binge watched the whole in 3 days, and as much as I preferred the dark subtle elements of the show which built up throughout the series, I don’t think they could have achieved a subtle finale episode, as those subtle elements raised the questions which were mostly answered in the finale. I too think it was quite full on, but overall like how it all wrapped up, and I did get a bit emotional.
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  11. I'm only on episode 3 but Theo, I have decided to stan.
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  12. The actor for the father in the flashbacks is awful. Everytime he comes on the screen he just seems really goofy to me and totally loses the vibe of the series imo .
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  13. Just finished episode 10. Even though it's supposed to be a horror this is the second time this series got me crying hard .
    Nell's speech to the other siblings in the red room oh my God and the ending of episode 5/SPOILER] Defo a slow burner of a series but incredibly enjoyable
    Sorry for the double post
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  14. I’m sorry, and I feel you. Both my sister and I used to get them infrequently too. As kids, we thought it was ghosts/ goblins sitting on our chests as we slept. The’re truly awful. I remember feeling as though I’d suffocate as they were happening.
  15. This came on my Netflix recommendations and I was thinking to start watching it. Is it worth it? I love the original Haunting on Hill House story.
  16. Loved this all the way up to the finale... as everyone else has said, the ridiculous monologues became tedious.
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  17. SBK


    I used to hear the window opening then something jumping on the bed. And someone walking up and down the hall way. Last one was a few years ago now, with someone getting into my bed.

    Thankfully, they've stopped.
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  18. I’ve experienced sleep paralysis and seeing things as I wake up before, several times. But luckily usually not at the same time!

    I mean, two nights ago, I woke up about 3am and saw the floating figures of 2 girls in white dresses at the end of my bed but I’m blaming this show for that. (Also, within my dream before I woke up, the Nun character was approaching me when I had sleep paralysis in the dream). Needless to say, a nightlight was used for the rest of the night.
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  19. I just finished this, having binged the second half of the season in bed today.

    What a series. What a triumph. There's so much to love about it - the ugly but real fractured family dynamics, the subtlety of how the horror was played, the twists (episode 5!), the grief (episode 6!), the acting... the Nell episode was one of the best hours of TV I've seen all year, maybe the best.

    Was the finale a bit of a disappointment relative to what came before? Maybe it was a bit too talky. But I cried like a baby.

    Above all though, I think the real reason I loved it so much was Carla Gugino's gorgeous, devastating performance. I think despite being a ghost story her arc could also be read as a depiction of mental illness and she absolutely nailed the fear, the warmth, the love... She is absurdly underrated as an actor and deserves an Emmy for this.

    So thrilled with this show.
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